The lighthouse keepers tale

Every on new that the lighthouse keeper kept himself to himself. He liked to do his own thing. It stayed that way. Until one child had he courage to say 'hello'.


1. Flashback

I sat in my rocking chair, everything seemed like a daze. There was a knock at the door as I climbed out of my favourite rocking chair, I looked out the window. There before me lay the sapphire blue sea stretching out for miles on end, why it was such a lovely sight. Another knock. I fumbled for my keys, stumbling I careful unlocked the hatch, who could it be? As I opened the door a smile spread across my whole face, for it was my grandchildren wanting to come round and share my company. Why, I do love these days. As I ushered them in my mind raced I had an idea. 

"Holly, Charlie, Millie today I would like to tell you about when I was your age. My story. I shall call it: the lighthouse keeper's tale".    

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