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2. official story- copy and paste to star wars.

Eastern Europe 

"I don't like the fire." Said Talia shivering and leaning against Eggsy's heated body. 

"It's necessary. We'd die without it." Eggsy said to Talia. He was wearing a hat, as usual. They were sitting on a log by a fireplace outside in the cold.

"What if we fail this mission? What if we die out here Eggsy? Who will come and find us before-?" With an uneased voice. She was frightened. 

"You should know by now, Talia: Don't ever think a mission will go wrong when you've just entered it. You're a level 7 agent. Alright? But you and I, we're strong, you're strong. We have each other. That's all I'll ever need." Eggsy assured her. And Talia looked up at him and smiled nodded. She placed her head on his shoulder and let the fire give them both warmth.



Talia and Eggsy were walking up a mountain of sand and trees. 

"I want to leave this damn place already. This place is a deadbeat. I miss the food, mainly. I would kill for a burger right about now." Eggsy complained and he groaned as he walked. 

Talia shook her head and laughed a little, "For sure." 

Eggsy spotted a man in a car who looked rugged and he looked at him. "Who are you? What do you want from us?!" Eggsy said rudely to the man and the man held up a hand to show that he wasn't a bad person. 

"No need to get hostile, boy. I was only going to offer you a ride into town." The man said. 

"Why? Why would you do that?" Eggsy asked the man questioningly. 

"I had no such intention." The man replied shifting a smile. 

"But my wife, she has the big idea of offering up a meal in exchange for some chores around the farm." The man said pointing to his wife who was in the car. 

"If you think for one second we're going to--" Eggsy said in a rude way.

"Yes! We'll do it." Talia exclaimed cutting off what Eggsy was going to say. 

Eggsy looked at Talia in disbelief and shut his eyes and scrunched his nose, he looked annoyed. 

Talia shook the man's hand, "Thank you for the opportunity. Thank you." Talia said excitedly and the man smiled. 

"Oh, uh, of course, young miss..." The man said.


As the weeks pass...

"And you said it would be a mistake to take that ride. Do you remember ever eating so well, or sleeping so soundly?" Talia said with a cheerily brisk. With a towel wrapped her wet body and her hair wet and damp. 

"Yeah well, don't get used to it. It won't last. I give it another week before they turn on us. Maybe." Eggsy said sitting on the bed flipping a coin. 

"Gary Unwin, the restless stick-in-the-mud," Talia said jokingly looking at Eggsy with a big smile. 

"Talia Al Ghul, the human wishing well. I'm going to the Bazaar. Get dressed, will you?" Eggsy got up and joked back with a smile. His usual smile. The one Talia never forgets. 

Talia watches as he leaves and took off the towel placing it on the wooden chair. The man was creeping behind the corner on haystacks. 


There were civilians in the bazaar, it was quite busy with people buying things. 

Eggsy picked up a framed mirror and looked at his own reflection with lots of things on his mind.

"You shouldn't wear that. Your hat. It covers your hair." The blonde teen girl said looking at Eggsy suspiciously 

"That's the point." Said Eggsy rudely brief. 

"But why? Why wouldn't you want to show it off? It's so unique!" The girl said optimistically

"Here. Do you mind...?" The girl said leaning her hand to Eggsy's hat and lifted it a little taking a peek at his golden slick hair. 

"I--" Eggsy said stopping and set his eyes right across the mountain where grey smoked formed, his eyes widened. 

"Fire!" A civilian shouted.

"There's a fire!" Another civilian shouted and all the people ran to take a look in shock. 

"The barn! Talia!" Eggsy shouted and ran away from the bazaar to the mountain up, as fast as he could. 

"Talia! I'm--" Eggsy panted as he ran. "I'm--" He said again with worry and horror on his face. 

"A witch! She's a witch!" A civilian shouted who was at the scene. There was fire everywhere that burned the barn. Some civilians carried weapons. 

"Stop her! Stop that scarlet witch!" A civilian shouted and two men carried Talia dragged her in front of the crowd. 

"Let me go! Eggsy!" Talia said screaming and kicking her legs trying to get away from the men. 

They dropped her in front of the crowd. 

"This one here, she may look innocent but she is anything but! But used her daemon magicks to try to seduce me!" The man shouted and the crowd rioted in anger, all eyes on Talia. 

"Then, when I wouldn't give in, she made a gesture that caused the ground below me to light up in flames! She hexed me!" The man shouted out to the crowd and pointed to a scared Talia who looked at the crowd around her. 

"I-It's not true! you tried to-- you were going to-- I didn't do anything! Please--" Talia said in a quavering a scared tone as she was pleading and shaking. 

"What is it we do with witches? And what did she do to my barn? Let's burn her." The man said coldly and the crowd chattered and agreed.

"No!!" Talia screamed and her arms stretched as a red force bubble appeared blowing away the close men that were about to attack her.

"Get the witch! She'll curse us all! Tear her apart! kill the witch!" Civilians yelled cruelty. 

"You filthy people won't touch a hair on her head! Back off!" Eggsy threatened and stood in front of Talia quickly being her shield. 

"Eggsy?" Talia said in a low voice glancing at him.

"I take it you've done something you can't explain?" Eggsy said to Talia getting her away from the crowd. 

"I swear I couldn't control it. I don't even know what I did Eggsy." Talia said looking at the fire she caused, her eyes filled with fear and shock. 

"They're both evils! We have to kill them!" The blonde girl from the bazaar shop said loud and harsh pointing to Eggsy and Talia. 

"Kill--" The girl stopped her words as a pitchfork was pointed at her forehead. 

"Ah-ah. If there's to be any blood spilled will not be the blood of his children. These two are now under the protection of Magneto, the master of magnetism." Magneto said dismissively, every weapon, car, an object was floating in mid-air. And so was Magneto. 

"Any objections?" He said to everyone. Talia and Eggsy stared at the man, they were confused and shocked.


A rescue away, among the Alps

"Your not a witch. You two are the children of Men of Letter founding member, Leonardo DiCaprio. You are his future. His legacy, which you may have known." Magneto said to Talia and Eggsy as he faced the window. 

"You shut your bloody mouth! You don't know anything." Eggsy said bitterly as walked up to Magneto fast-paced and looked him coldly in the eyes, almost warning him to keep his mouth shut.

"What do you mean Leonardo DiCaprio is my father and I am his legacy? Gary, what is saying?" Talia said walking up to Eggsy asking him.

"You two are his blood kids," Magneto said and faced his head to Talia and then faced to stare back coldly at Eggsy. 

Eggsy sighed and let go of Magneto. He looked down 

"Is he telling the truth? Huh? Is he!" Talia said heartbroken and determined with tears started to fill her eyes. She panted between words with a frown face a tear sliding down her cheek. 

"Talia I-" Eggsy tried to explain softly placing his hand on her shoulder.

"Don't touch me! I hate you!" Talia screamed with anger and jerked her shoulder away backing up from Eggsy, and Eggsy looked at her with understanding and sadness. 

"I'm sorry Talia. I didn't know that you didn't. I've been seeking out the Men of Letters. Looking for those who would join me in the fight against a certain evil entity. It's an uphill beginning battle, but I would train you, Talia, to use your gift. I would make you powerful, strong, the pride of your father's line and his people. Can I count on you?" Magneto said to Talia.

"If I am the true daughter of Leonardo, then I am in your debt," Talia said gritting her teeth her words sounding vague and cold. She wiped a tear and stared at Eggsy coldly. Eggsy looked back at Talia with hurt eyes, knowing what she said was a mistake and that he wanted to apologize to her badly. 

"Welcome, then, to the war." 



Months later, in the Republic of Santo Marco 

"I don't know, Talia. I've got a bad feeling about this whole thing." Eggsy said examing over the city as he and Talia were standing on a balcony. Talia walked in behind Eggsy.

"Eric knows what he's doing. He is a member of the Men of Letter. He knew Leonardo. It's just you who has got a bad feeling about this." Talia exclaimed. 

"It's Eric now, is it? The man who never takes off that pretentious helmet.This is the person whose every word is now gospel to you? We can't trust him!" Eggsy scoffed and turned to look at Talia. 

"As far as I know, he's a good man who has been telling the truth. I can't even trust you anymore." Talia said straightforward leaning into Eggsy's face looking at him coldly. 

"Talia, I wanted to tell you but I just couldn't cause look what we are now. I knew it would break you because you never knew your father who he himself wanted to be with you since he passed. Magneto is a wedge, he's driving us apart." Eggsy replied back to Talia telling her. 

"Your selfishness and lies are driving us apart! I used to be able to look at you and know every last feeling and thought you had. But now I can't even bear to stand in front of you, Gary." Talia said angrily, she was holding back tears.

"Your not the only one to lose him. I lost him too! He was all I had until you came along." Eggsy pointed to his chest explaining. 

"But at least you got to know him," Talia said coldly and turned to walk away from Eggsy. 


"Talia is more than a little bit fetching, don't you agree ghost?" Said mastermind. He was illusioning Talia, as they were in the kitchen. 

"Fetching, yeah! Like fetching me a sandwich. Or a beer. Fetch me a beer, girl!" Ghost said satirically to the illusion of Talia. 

"Is that the sheer limit of your feeble little mind, ghost? I see her being able to provide so much more value..." Mastermind said jokingly and he smirked.

The illusion of Talia disappeared away and Eggsy walked up to Mastermind choking him against the wall about to punch fist his face. 

"Mastermind! Hey, bring your illusion back--!" Ghost said closing the cabinet and glanced at Mastermind and Eggsy.

"Listen here bruv, that's the last time you conjure up the image of my sister, whether you're using your whatever ability or just thinking about her. Am I clear supernatural freak?" Eggsy threatened Mastermind and Mastermind escaped to the other side of the kitchen. 

"There's hardly a need for such antagonist behavior, Kingsman. We are on the same team after all!" Mastermind assured Eggsy chuckling slightly.


"So you see Talia, the use of your unique hex spheres, as you call them, is in the name of a greater good..." Magneto explained to Talia from a far away room.

Eggsy was roaming around the big hallway, "Greater good. Your good, maybe. Let's see what you're up to..." Eggsy whispered to himself as he heard the conversation in the room. 









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