The Path of Light and The Road of Darkness

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2. Chapter one.

I sat in the bar at the little town known as Marcelias, as I patently awaited my order to come. I had ordered what looked the best and the cheapest on the menu. Steak and a water. I was tapping my fingers on the wooden, splintery table when a shadow overcame me. "Hello miss. Do you mind if I join you?" I looked up at the tall figure and saw that it was a cloaked gentleman who’s face was buried within the hood. I nodded slowly and the gentleman sat across from me. 

"Don’t think I’ve seen you here before, miss. Might I ask your name?" The gentleman asked. "Astridah." I answer in a hushed voice. "That’s a very beautiful name. I’m Gextronus, but you may call me Tronus." Gextronus held out his hand in a manner full way, and I hesitantly took his hand and we both shook. "So, What brings you too Marcelias?" Tronus asks me. I didn’t really want to get into the whole 'I’m looking for my way in life' explanation so I simply said, "Just passing through." 

"I see.." The conversation between Dextronus and I went silent quickly. I felt I was not talking because of the fact that I wanted to stay neutral between good and evil, but I had the feeling that Tronus went silent because he was lost in his thoughts. After a moment of silence, Dextronus snapped his fingers and sat up proudly. "How long might you be staying Miss?"

"No more than three days." "Ah. What a shame.…" Tronus says with a disappointed tone in his voice.

"What’s wrong with three days?" I ask him.   

"Well, you see, the village is throwing a big party to celebrate the fact that they’ve had peace between our allies for the past thirty years, and I get the feeling you’ve never gone to the party and had.... fun. So I was just gonna ask if you wanted to go with me. And have fun. At the party." 

Dextronus's words threw me off my game. Did he really just suggest I was a downer? Or was he trying to say that he wanted me to have fun? Ugh. Men are so confusing. 

I sat there silent for a few moments, thinking about the risks I could have if I stayed in the village for more than three days. Then, for a random reason, I glanced to my left and saw a blue rose in a white vase sitting on the bar counter. I turned to Tronus and agreed to stay an extra day. But only for one day.

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