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Dakota has a burden to hold. His sister is dead, and is now is a spirit, locked down to the world, until someone finds who killed her. Meanwhile, her killer, a tall, slim girl, with a gun, is planning on her next attack. Will Dakota find who killed her sister, or will the girl eliminate another unaware teen?


2. Chapter 2

Dakota began to breath heavily, in sharp, jagged breaths as he continued to look in the direction of where the semi-transparent figure once stood. His eyes were wide with disbelief and fear and his hands were shaking against the cool material of the sink. Silence filled the room once again, as his breathing continued.


The hell was that?? He thought to himself, turning back to face the mirror. He was still visibly shaking, the terrifying look still on his pale face. Somehow, he looked paler than before. He turned the faucet to the sink round, the cold, clear water falling from the shiny metal. It splashed against the round bowl of the sink, making noise in the silent atmosphere. 

He quickly put his shaking hands under the water flow, throwing the icey cold water in his face repeatedly, as a shaky sigh left his lips. He looked into the mirror once again, calmer now, not shaking any more. "You didn't see a figure.. your just tired, and grieving.. Your just imagining things, Dakota." He said to his reflection, which stared right back at him, of course not responding to his statement.


He quickly finished combing his hair as he stepped out of the bathroom. He could see his mother standing near the photo he had just put facing down, now held in her hands. His mother looked very different from the tall, thin boy. Instead of the dark brown hair her son had, her hair was a blonde colour, cut short around her neck, with brown eyes like his sister. Her figure was slightly curvy, not thin, and she was shorter that the Dakota. 


From there, Dakota could see the tears in his mothers eyes, the discomfort and fear filling the mysterious brown colour. His mother rarely cried, so seeing her cry struck him hard once again in the heart. He felt awkward now, wanting to go to his mother and comfort her, but then again wanting to avoid the tears and the damn picture of the girl who was filling the family with such grief. It was too late for him to turn back into the bathroom or do anything then, because his mother turned to him, wiping her eyes.


"Oh, Dakota." She said, sniffling and mustering a smile towards him. "I was just coming to get you." She said, looking over to him. 

"Well, I'm here now." He scoffed, a slight edge to his voice. Since Jamie's death, he was very distant and very angry with everyone. He was very snappy with his parents and just upset in general.


"Well, since your here, I think we need to have a little heart to heart, just the two of us." His mother replied, unphased. 

"Yeah, no, I'm not really feeling it." He said, walking towards her, walking past her, when she grabbed his arm, looking at him with a stern look in her eyes.


"Well your going to 'feel' it, because you have not choice. Lets chit chat." 

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