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Dakota has a burden to hold. His sister is dead, and is now is a spirit, locked down to the world, until someone finds who killed her. Meanwhile, her killer, a tall, slim girl, with a gun, is planning on her next attack. Will Dakota find who killed her sister, or will the girl eliminate another unaware teen?


1. Chapter 1

"Dakota, get up!"

A voice called from the hallway, outside of a dark room, only a dim light showing under the crack of the door. The room was a mess, with clothes and trash everywhere, the covers of the bed thrown to the floor, as a tall, thin boy sat upright in the bed, a dark laptop buzzing on his lap. He sighed softly, as the bright light from the screen glowed on his face, showing the shimmering blue of his eyes, his dark brown hair a mess, falling over his eyes, his thin lips closed into a line.

He would have been quite attractive if it weren't for the dark circles under his eyes, and the sickly colour of pale to his skin. He attention was glued to the screen, his hands gliding across the keyboard, his brows furrowing together as he read what was on the screen. 

On the screen, there were multiple websites all sharing the same thing, just with different headlines. 

Normally, topics like this didn't bug him as much. He didn't know the person who was killed, it wasn't anywhere near him. Why should he be worried? The problem was, the mentioned girl who was shot, was his little sister, Jamie. In his honest opinion, she didn't deserve any of it. She was a good student, really tried to stay out of trouble, and was quite shy, but kind to people she interacted with. Why would someone want to kill such a nice person?

Dakota groaned, shutting the laptop, rubbing his eyes. He was exhausted, having been on the computer for hours, the whole night maybe, trying to make sense of the situation. She died two weeks before, and the funeral was that day, and he wasn't prepared to see his relatives or anyone. He also didn't believe that his sisters death was a suicide attempt, as the officers who had examined her said. There was a suicide note, of course, but that didn't prove anything. The note sounded nothing like her...  


He staggered out of bed, stretching, his thin figure moving awkwardly as he moved across the room, to the mirror. Here, he himself could see the dark lines and shadows that had formed under his eyes. His eyes were sad, fill of fear and sorrow, and his lips were formed now into a frown. He sighed, touching under his right eyes, before moving out of the room, to the bathroom, to brush out his hair. 

Making his way down the hallway was somehow harder than being in his room, closed up to everyone with only his computer to comfort him. In the hallway, there were pictures of his family, of him and Jamie, and others. At the end of the hallway, was the latest photo of his precious little sister. 


His sister was almost a complete copy of himself, with the same thick brown hair, the paleness to her skin, the thin lips turned into a smile, staring at him calmly. She was also very tall, like him. The only difference of her to him, was her eyes, which were a deep brown colour like rich chocolate. 


He felt a stabbing pain in his heart as he stared at the picture. He remembered when it was taken as well. Three days before her death, she was in a choir, and their mother had taken the picture before the recital. Dakota was out with some friends, so he didn't go to the recital, something he wished he'd gone to then, since afterward, his sister refused to speak with him.


He slowly put the picture facing down, her calm smile and bright eyes hurting him still, as he walked into his destination. He slowly began to comb his messy hair out, freezing suddenly. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw a transparent figure, tall and slim, with dark hair. It look like his sister, but with something.. off. Her eyes were black, and there were wounds in her body, six in total, slowly dripping blood to the floor, which vanished as soon as it hit the floor.

A scream was caught in his throat as he turned to confront the figure, but he stopped.


His ghostly sister had simply vanished.





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