Stella is a fox who was taken from the wild from a young age. This is her heartbreaking story. *FICTION*


1. Where it started.

"Look mommy! This doggy is red!!" A little boy pointed and yelled at me as I laid down on my rock. 

"That's a fox sweetheart." His mother said. Then the kid started barking at me. I am Stella and this is my everyday life.

It all started when I was 2. 






My mom was teaching me how to hunt.

"See that rabbit over there? That's your prey, aka your dinner." 

There were two rabbits, one a little over my age, the other my mother's age.

"Slowly sneak up on your prey," She said while sneaking toward them, I followed staying close to the ground, taking careful steps. "And... POUN-" As she jumped forward at the rabbits there was a loud noise that hurt my ears. She flew sideways and hit the ground. There was blood everywhere. I ran to her. The rabbits had run away. 

"Mom? MOM-" I felt something wrap around me. I struggled and struggled but I couldn't get out. Arms. Human Arms were wrapped around my small body. I bit the arm and was dropped. I expected to hit the ground but I landed in a net and was then thrown into a cage.

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