shape shifters

son of luke skywalker and mara jade is on the loose when his mother dies. he has already unlocked his wolf and now uses it to hide. no one believes him that jacen killed his mom. only ben knows. a race against jacen and ben to get to luke is on, one to destroy and one to defend. evil versus good. dark wolf versus the great grey wolf.


5. Mother and son reunite

i trot beside Kyp Durron, Jaina and Anakin Solo as my white body went past the moon. we see the Winged One up ahead. standing there was a tall female, looking at me.oh no, what have i done? i think.

"Ben?Ben Skywalker?" she says strongly.

we looked stunned but i step forward and respond.

"yes that's me. what do you want with my pack?" i ask. she shakes her head.

"oh you look so strong now. so different." she mutters.

" do you know anyone?" i ask.

" your father and i were a good group, Talon Karrde said, he said well." she muttered her green eyes distant.

this was the same story my father told me when I was old enough.

"you..." I stuttered

"yes Ben, I am." she said faintly.

I walk up to her and see if it was a joke because it wasn't funny. she looked just like my mother, only with wings.

"Aunt?" Anakin asked. she nods.

I hug her as she muttered "it's OK son, I've got you, I've got you"

I had tears in my eyes, I hadn't seen my mother is so long I was unsure she was alive.

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