shape shifters

son of luke skywalker and mara jade is on the loose when his mother dies. he has already unlocked his wolf and now uses it to hide. no one believes him that jacen killed his mom. only ben knows. a race against jacen and ben to get to luke is on, one to destroy and one to defend. evil versus good. dark wolf versus the great grey wolf.


6. Jedi vs The Exiled Ones

i see father getting attacke by Jacen. the next thing i know i am on top of him with my jaws on his neck. i obviously caught him by suprised. Luke scurries away, scared of Jacen. scared of what he's become. i clench my jaw as he is trying to sratch me off, but his efforts are wasted. i throw him against a cliff wall and he falls with a smear of blood.

"he just attacked Master Jacen!"

 i lift my head up just in time to see the rest of the Jedi. rouble for me.and father can't help. not this time.

Mariana, Corrons daughter, pounces on me but i toss her away like she was nothing.

"Ben on your flank!" Mother yells. 

i bite on a furry neck and toss them away. i am acompanied by Jaina, Anakin, Father and Mother. not enough for 54 Jedi.

Father crummples to the ground, weak from blood lose. Jacen, recovered from his fall, makes a jump for him, but my White fluff stood in his way. Anikin bites his leg and it's like Hige trying to protected Kiba from Darcia while he protected Blue. i know what will happen.

And it does.

Anakin lay on the ground, blood on a servre neck wound. he will die a slow and painful death. unless help comes. it's now Mother and i against 52 Jedi.trouble will come too soon.


the Jedi scurry away from the  sound of gunshot. i look up to see a man in a green poncho and green hard helmet.

like the scouts from the battle of endor. blue eyes is the last i see..

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