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  • Published: 7 Mar 2018
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An Irish peasant woman with troubled marriage finds at the end her own personal and spiritual salvation


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                      Heart is a treasury house full of hopes, expectations,secrets, pain and love. It is never fully riddled.





 Fifty years ago, in the village of Dendle, Ireland, Elizabeth Grant was the smallest child in a poor family. She has three other brothers and sisters. The fourth died very early. Elizabeth wasn't spoiled because she was the smallest of her siblings. On the contrary, she was the only one who graduated from high school, no matter the obstacles and depravity. Next, she wanted to be a children's teacher. The only time Elizabeth was scoffed and slapped cross the face by her father, was when as a child, she secretly climbed the neighbor's cherry-tree and ate the red fruits. She remembered that moment and it made her smile. She wasn't mad at her father then and now, it were simply the times-harsh and real.

Prior to her studying plans, Elizabeth got married to a man from the nearest village, without asking for permission. She eloped him without a dowry, with nothing. Even so, she was feeling happy. But her penniless parents were not. They cursed her in their own way for not being invited to the small wedding, but they didn't said that to their daughter's face, because no matter what life was offering all of them, Elizabeth parents loved her so much. They hoped she to have better life than theirs'. Only this little wish.


 Stepped into the whirlwind of everyday problems and bearing her mother-in-law heavy and questioning glare, Elizabeth put on hold her desire to study for a teacher. Gradually, year after year passing by, she gave up this dream and realized it will never happen. Instead, she had two lovely children. A boy and a girl. Penton and Lynette.

One day, when the toddlers were sleeping she wished them to always pursue their dreams and to be well and happy. The woman wished that for her children more than anything else. Lynette and Penton were her hope in her life. They. Not even her husband.

Elizabeth was secretly crying from time to time when Ian wasn't at home with her at night. She also cries because of Nora- a dangerous woman who already spoiled two other families. Or so were the rumors. Every other day, Elizabeth was feeling less secure about her own family and marriage. She wanted to talk about it with her husband :

-Tell me the truth, please! Are you seeing her?

-Who do you mean?-replied he seemingly surprised

-That woman....Nora?

-Calm down, honey, all is fine. My eyes are seeing only you! You know that I love, don't you?

-Am I really the only one who do you love?

-Of course. I told you before, I am busy in the office some of the nights but I promise I will make it up to you!

-Alright!-pretended Elizabeth she was believing him and went the other room.

When Ian was having his late dinner, she packed a suitcase and hid it under the bed. She was planning leaving her husband and go to a monastery.




 Four months of fasting and living on a prayer, Elizabeth Grant was begging God to save her from this unholy place. It was worse than Sodom and Gomorrah. The true face of the clergy wasn't saint. The monks in the monastery almost raped her, insisting in front of the superiors above them the woman is lying about the act. Elizabeth couldn't live anymore this way-with torment, both physically and emotionally, and wished for a divine salvation. She tried to kill herself but her soul was stronger than she ever thought and wished the opposite-to live. The woman was thinking a lot about her children and how they will feel after their mother took her life. She also learns the tragic story of a girl named Pascalita who was so loved by her father, just like her own father loved her when he was alive, that after her mysterious death in a small Mexican town, the father refused to bury her only daughter but balsamed her and made her a mannequin in his store-window for wedding dresses. That way Pascalita will never leave her family and his father will love her until his last day.

After reading about this story, Elizabeth felt cathartic, thought once again about Lynette and Penton and shunned all suicidal thoughts away.



 Mrs. Grant managed to escape the den of the devil without further consequences. On her way back home, she stopped and played a lottery with her favorite five numbers. It gesture marked her new beginning and phase of life. Elizabeth was pinning for a hug from her loved ones. Including Ian. Love embraced her and helped her reach her family faster.



Next month after Elizabeth's arrival, I received a card from Costa del Sol. She, Ian, Penton and Lynette not only looked but were really happy being together. This time nothing could tore them apart. Love is their true salvation.

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