The Abduction

I can see a small light in the centre of an otherwise completely blank smelly room. The small light dances from side to side, helping me see parts of the room. I caught a glimpse of other people in the room, a trembling young woman no older than twenty, an old man and someone else.


1. The abduction

As I walk briskly down the narrow pathways enjoying the pricking feeling of the cold air on my face and hands. My nose is running and my hands are numb but I don’t care, I’ll be in a warm little dinner soon.

I make my way to the back door and my nose is welcomed immediately with the smell of home made baked pastries and coffee. I breath in deeply and smile before walking in and gently shutting the door. My mm automatically noticed my presence and orders me to make an order.

I made my way around the counter and got an apron placing it over my jacket. My hands moved expertly across the machines as I placed the drinks on the tray then continue to get the food.
When I was done I put the order onto the counter and rang the bell calling out the order and persons name. A man who looked to be around his late twenties scrambled up o the counter, According to his order his name is Zeus.

He looked nervous and maybe even regretful, he stumbled over his words and had some trouble with his card. He acted the exact opposite, to how I would think someone with the name Zeus would act.
I came in late today so there is only about fifteen to 20 minutes left until closing time, seeing as the man Zeuse is the last customer I apologised to my mother for being late and went around the counter to hang up my apron. When I looked back mother is still trying to help the man Zeus, he absolutely looked terrified, which I found very strange.

I walk over to the left corner of the room next to the counter and plonked myself into one of the beanbags we have for the kids. While this I looked to the entrance and saw there was a teenager who looked like he could be the son of Zeus (not the god, the guy that my mother is serving). He  was staring right at me, smirking slightly, I tiled my head at him questionly but his smirk just grew bigger.

He has brown eyes and messy black hair with the sides shaved and the tog long like all typical teenage boys these days. A beanie is on his head and matching woollen gloves were adorning his hands, in his right hand is a small leather bag. His appearance made me feel uneasy so I turned to mum and said.

“Mum we need to water the garden today!” she looked up at me replying

“Okay sweetie we’ll leave soon.” Mum and I have words that help communicate if we fell unsafe and we usually made it out alive. When I looked back to that kids this time he’s grinning maniacally, I watched as he slowly reached into his little bag with his left hand and pulled out a small pistol.

I automatically searched the dinner to see if it was just the four of us, but sadly there’s an old elderly couple sitting across the room from me. The kid looked at me then ran to my mother at lighting speed and secured her in a headlock, I rushed the old couple out the front entrance as quickly as I could.

As I turned around I saw my mothers hopeless face as she lets a single tear flow from her eyes, then a loud bang pierced my ears. When I looked back at the kid he had the gun against his head mouthing the words “Smile beautiful.” Before pulling the trigger on him self, my vision started to blur my legs started to turn into jelly, my body hits the ground with a thud, my eye lids become heavy eventually I close them letting the darkness take over.

I could feel the cold wet metal chains digging into my skin as I struggle to pry myself free, but each time I move the links, I can feel them pierce my skin further drawing more blood from my body. They have chained my arms to my legs only making it more impossible for me to escape. I finally decided to give up, relaxing my whole body laying down helplessly on the cold hard floor.

Thoughts flow through my mind, Where am I? How did I get here? I need to ease the mind-numbing confusion. I took in a big breath deciding to open my eyes but once they were open, I immediately regret it.
I can see a small light in the centre of an otherwise completely blank smelly room. The small light dances from side to side, helping me see parts of the room. I caught a glimpse of other people in the room, a trembling young woman no older than twenty, an old man and someone else.

The other person is significantly different from the people here. She’s shackled to the floor, arms and legs spread apart, a t-shirt and blue jeans ripped, cuts gushing across her entire body. A black, ratty old fabric bag covers her whole head, but it’s obvious that she’s dying.

The overhead light bulbs have been switched on, I look around what I thought was a massive room to see shelves with food and appliances on them. There are old commercial fridges that are completely empty. The store walls and floor are crawling with bugs feeding off the mould, dirt and weeds.

I realise we are in an old, run down, abandoned, gas station, look at the others to see they’re just as confused as I am. I held my breath as I try one last attempt to pry myself free from the chains for the last time, but I stopped when I heard footsteps echoing from the hallway.

My whole body started to tremble as the fear was taking over me. They begin closing in on us, I thought as my breathing started to get heavier as, the footsteps do. They started to chant something in another language. Old Egyptian, I think? Their voices grow louder and more thunderous by the second.

They finally appeared, three tall men in red cloaks with black symbols stand before us. I recognised one of the symbols, an upside down cross. They were satanic worshippers. I could see flaming torches in their hands as they walked over to the nearly dead lady. They grabbed her by the arms, pinning her to the wall.

“NO….NO…PLEASE…NOOOOOO!” she screamed as they set her alight, I closed my eyes and whimpered in fear, as everyone else lets out ear piercing screams. But the hooded people paid no attention to them, they just leaned over the burning woman and begun slowly torching her.

It’s been hours now, every time I blink, close my eyes or even think it jut replays in my head over and over again. The screaming, the begging, why….why me? I never did anything wrong! Straight A student, always respectful towards everyone.

As I start to lose hope I can hear people shouting, I look around the room but everyone else is too tired to realise or do anything. “HELP!” I screamed at the top of my lungs my voice breaking, and stinging from dehydration. Loud gun shots echoing through the station, one of the doors were kicked in revelling police men, “Here…help me please!” I begged one of the men came over to me unlocking the chains, finally setting me free.


I hope you guys like this one I actually wrote it for my English assignment that I got an A+ in, please comment you options.

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