Book of the Lejeniac

Are you sometimes just utterly confused about what is going on in my stories?
Well that's most likely my fault, because I have not been the best at explaining stuff. So if you're thinking about reading my work, or have read my work and just want/need information to give you details about the environment and/or characters, boom here you go.


Author's note

This book is not 100% complete. If you know me you'll know I'm a fan of lore. So be sure to check every now and then for some easter eggs that may have been added.... :)

1. What is a Legend

Legends are the powerful creatures that protect the multiverse.
Legend is a genus, not a species. There are two species that presently exist under the genus name, the Dragorina and the Archeopogrin.
They are capable of all abilities except for time travel. However, despite their strength, they are not able to solve matters easily due to the Lejeniac Laws. (see chapter 6).
Legends are the only creatures capable of travel through main dimensions, exception being multiversal portals caused by fluxes between dimensions. Current reason of said fluxes is unknown.
Legends age at an extremely slow rate and will be an immeasurable amount of time before they are able to die of old age. Their current age is also immeasurable due to the rate of which time passes being different in various dimensions.

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