Book of the Lejeniac

Are you sometimes just utterly confused about what is going on in my stories?
Well that's most likely my fault, because I have not been the best at explaining stuff. So if you're thinking about reading my work, or have read my work and just want/need information to give you details about the environment and/or characters, boom here you go.


Author's note

This book is not 100% complete. If you know me you'll know I'm a fan of lore. So be sure to check every now and then for some easter eggs that may have been added.... :)

7. The "Higharchy"

Gods are a complex matter with dealing with the placement of Legend power. Worlds are not consistent with religion. In one world, Egyptian gods are truth while in another it is the Greek. Some worlds even have the existence of multiple religious gods. Because of this, and the possibility of a god ending up in a world they do not belong, Legends are more powerful.

"Do I believe in God? That is not as easy to answer as you may think. I believe in God. I believe in multiple gods. I've even had to fight many gods in my day and won every battle.(Killed, no. But still I won.) A god can kill another god. I can kill a god. I've made friends with gods. But that's not the question you're asking is it? Do I believe in God? No. But because 'God' is not the right word for it. I can beat a god. But the one you refer to is much more than that. A being that no one has seen, or heard the true name of, so you label them as God because it's a word of power. So I don't believe in 'God', but I believe in the same entity that you call 'God'." ~The Archeopogrin.






























P.S "The Egyptian gods REALLY know how to party. Seriously if you ever get to go to their world you have GOT to go to one of them. Anubis is a sick D.J." ~The Dragorina

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