Book of the Lejeniac

Are you sometimes just utterly confused about what is going on in my stories?
Well that's most likely my fault, because I have not been the best at explaining stuff. So if you're thinking about reading my work, or have read my work and just want/need information to give you details about the environment and/or characters, boom here you go.


Author's note

This book is not 100% complete. If you know me you'll know I'm a fan of lore. So be sure to check every now and then for some easter eggs that may have been added.... :)

4. The Dragorina

Dragorina is the older Legend, as well as being the Legend of power, which would explain why it is the stronger Legend. It also may be the cause of its often rash nature.
Dragorina was named after the mythical dragon at a young age, due to being confused to be one of these primitive beasts. Despite being extremely inaccurate, having very little genetic relation to the dragon kind, the name stuck.
Dragorina most often takes on female forms of other species rather than male, but it capable of changing this at will. Actual gender/sex, like Archeopogrin, remains undefined no matter the form.
Normal visual appearance is a bipedal dragon-like creature with golden reptilian eyes. Its scales are grey in color but may be [REDACTED].
Though being the Legend of power it seems to go through 'phases' in which it looses its power or its power goes airy, much like a sickness. This is [REDACTED] (see more in chapter [REDACTED]).
Its age is unknown, but physical maturity is often compared to older teen versions of creatures, ex: human form is like that of a 16-18 year old.

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