Book of the Lejeniac

Are you sometimes just utterly confused about what is going on in my stories?
Well that's most likely my fault, because I have not been the best at explaining stuff. So if you're thinking about reading my work, or have read my work and just want/need information to give you details about the environment and/or characters, boom here you go.


Author's note

This book is not 100% complete. If you know me you'll know I'm a fan of lore. So be sure to check every now and then for some easter eggs that may have been added.... :)

3. The Archeopogrin


Archeopogrin is the younger Legend, but it is also the Legend of wisdom. 
Although it is physically less mature than the Dragorina (Archeopogrin is described having physical maturity of younger teens, ex: human form is that of a 14-15 year old) it thinks more with a strategetic way of thinking and is much more serious in nature than Dragorina.
Archeopogrin gave itself the name, although is derived from the name of the dinosaur known as Archeopteryx. At a younger age it was much more reclusive, carefully planning out ways to solve dimensional issues without its cover being blown. It was not until it happened to run into Dragorina only many millennium ago before its true existence was discovered and it decided to give itself a name. While the reason why it named itself after the small bird/reptile archeopteryx is unclear, but it claims "The reason is ultimately circular. I like the name because I like the name."
When in other forms, Archeopogrin generally takes on the male versions of the species. Being able to take on both male and female forms, it is unclear why it prefers one over the other. No matter what form however, its gender/sex remains undefined.
Its appearance is like that of an ancient bird like creature with a humanoid body shape (perhaps why it chose its name). Its feathers are made up of natural colors, from evergreen to clay orange. Eyes are golden and reptile like. Although it looks very bird-like it has very little genetic relation with birds or any other similar creatures.

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