Book of the Lejeniac

Are you sometimes just utterly confused about what is going on in my stories?
Well that's most likely my fault, because I have not been the best at explaining stuff. So if you're thinking about reading my work, or have read my work and just want/need information to give you details about the environment and/or characters, boom here you go.


Author's note

This book is not 100% complete. If you know me you'll know I'm a fan of lore. So be sure to check every now and then for some easter eggs that may have been added.... :)

2. Multiverse

Yellow ring

The main system in which the main worlds exist on, much like a chain. Main worlds are essentially the universes which are not affected by other main dimensions' balances. The events that occur in the main worlds only affect the alternative worlds but are not affected by the alternative world. The balance of the main worlds therefore are prioritized. These worlds, however, can't be reached by any means from another main world or the other main worlds alternates except through the Legends. Strangely enough, even without passing through a portal, worlds often know of the existence of other worlds and publicize them through stories, plays, movies, games, books, shows etc. It is suggested that this knowledge comes from either something that has traveled to the dimensions through multiversal portals and passed on their tale through generations and/or when someone experiences encounters of others in the Dream realm. The multiversal portals that spawn randomly on rare occasions are an exception to this. They do however cause a threat to world due to beings passing through them, disrupting the balance in both their home world and the world they travel to. The disruption isn't necessarily caused by the beings presence so much as it is the actions they take and how it affects the time line.


Orange rings

The secondary chains of universes. These are the alternate worlds that can be alternate in different ways such as gender-bent, different species, different alignments (good and evil) etc. Most of the time, as long as the main universe is stable, the alternates are as well, so they are usually left alone by the Legends. These alternate worlds are the ones that can be traveled through by the beings in them either by some form of technology or a being's power itself. The worlds are in a chain so usually the worlds would be traveled through in order. No matter how many times one goes around though, they will not go to a different chain of universes.

The Legends are actually capable of traveling to any world at any given moment in time without having to go through the chain of other worlds though.


No color (Blue/Black)

Everything that is not colored in the diagram(blackness, although not the color it appears as when in it) is the Antiverse. This is the area in which literally nothing exists. No time, nor space. However, what can be seen is a never ending [PROHIBITED] of golden yellows, lime greens, and shining red star-like formations. The Legends’ powers allow them to create temporary passages through the Antiverse to get from one world to the next. A barrier is created forming a sort of tunnel that keeps the traveler from going into the Antiverse itself and is ideal not to attempt to pass through the barrier. [REDACTED] is the only one to have actually passed through the barrier.



The Dreamscape. It is a separate reality in itself. It's very strange, due to how it works that allows any being from any world to go there. Therefore you could literally meet anyone and anything can happen. Although, the way that most beings go can only be achieved mentally, through the subconsciousness. The realm of the Dreamscape creates a sort of interactive hologram for the viewer/visiter. In some cases, a viewer/visiter may only watch something happen in the realm as only a viewer. There are some beings of all species, and some even that only exist in the Dreamscape, that do legitimately exist in this realm as inhabitants (they themselves do not dream and usually cannot comprehend the concept of it) and it is possible to enter the world acting through them. The Legends are capable of entering the Dreamscape by sleep as well as physically going there. 



The realms of "Heaven and Hell”. These are the two worlds that are known to all universes (although may be known by different names) these realms however are different because nothing has ever traveled to or from these realms at will, not even the Legends. They simply exist. It is unclear whether or not anything actually is sent to either when they die. What makes it more difficult is the fact that some universes have a version of their own Hell and Heaven and some even more complex than that. They are the only places that contain true Utopias. Hell, Utopia of evil, and Heaven being the Utopia of good. If any other world were to manage reach a Utopic balance, it would collapse on itself.

Many universes however, have their own versions of “Heaven and Hell” as some are inhabited by demons and angels and such. However these Heavens/Hells are not the same. Demons from these Hells are capable of good, and angels from these Heavens are capable of evil. Many beings are also able to travel freely to them(depending on the world). God(s) are another subject(see chapter 7)



These are only to represent the pieces of the Lejeniac Ruins in the diagram. They constantly shift from world to world and even the Legends don't know everything about them. (Whoever left the ancient writings likes riddles, apparently. Really difficult riddles that could take the lifetime of ten galaxies to figure out.) There is, however, a main structure of the ruins in the Dreamscape.

The writings in the ruins are extremely difficult to translate, most symbols don't even have meaning to them. Legends can read them quite easily though. It is possible that it is their genus language, so reading it aloud without translation would sound like a mix of animalistic noises. Who really left them there is still a mystery. Maybe some beyond ancient Legend or an extinct civilization. There are also tales of Lejeniac bells, that when activated will force a Legend to be summoned. In what way that would function is unknown.

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