The Gay friend

Gender Roles Challenge
Option 1- Write a story with alternative gender characters.

“You’re what!?” His face was so disgusted. He tried to move away from me.

“I’m..” I hesitated. “I’m gay”

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5. May, 2018

I felt like I just die but still saw things.

I honesty don’t know if I should be happy or be sad about this. My secret has been expose. There was this huge Banner that said “HAPPY TRANSGENDER AND GAY!!” There was also balloons everywhere!!

They all said it too! Everyone did. But wher was Charliepriceable

A group of mean girls come towards me. I was so scared. My face was burning red. How and why did Charlie told all of them. “So how do you think?” They asked. “It’s great...” I smile. “I guess” I whispered. Turned out she didn’t hear me. Or it’s that she’s a good actor of lying. “Good” she smile and swing her hair by the side and walked away. She’s doing to much.

I saw Charlie in his basketball short walking behind the banner. I hold his arm. “Charlie.” I cried. “DONT TOUCH ME YOU DISGUSTING GAY TRANSGENDER GURL!” He than pushes me away. I holder him so tight that when he pushed me, I pull him too. He was now on top of me. “OOOH! THERE DOING THE THING!” “DO IT AT HOME!!” 

He push me and pull up.

Don't touch me ever again!! “Charlie..” He run away. People just laugh. Laugh. Laugh. And 


The priceable and a bunch of teacher came. “WHATS GOING ON HERE!!” 

“Oh priceable, Lily doesn’t like our surprise”

”Is that true Lily?” He turned his head and look at me. “They told me that you were transgender, they asked if they could work on it on the weekend.”

wow, they did that! What’s the point of it though .??

”I’m sorry..” I said and put my head down. 


I can can see the girls giggles.


We all went to our classroom.

“Lily, follow me.” The priceable Said and walked to his office. Oh boy, what’s next?

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