The Gay friend

Gender Roles Challenge
Option 1- Write a story with alternative gender characters.

“You’re what!?” His face was so disgusted. He tried to move away from me.

“I’m..” I hesitated. “I’m gay”

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2. February, 2018

I don’t live with my parents anymore.

Well the truth is that my dad kicked me out of the house with no contact.

My dad do know that mommy and I send letters out to each other. 

I sometime write letter to him but he never seems to answers.

My mom did answer me. 

The mail my mom send to be just got here!!


Dear Lily,

How did it go? I know it didn’t go like we say. But I sure do want to know.

I know your daddy doesn’t supports you.. That’s why he kicked you out of the house.

You know, Your dad always wanted a boy when we were girlfriend and boyfriend. 

And you’re the only boy that I gave birth too. So I do get him.

Lastly, he don’t want to have a reputation of him having a  boy as a girl.

Just remember mommy loves you. 

Thats why mommy change your name from Leon to Lily. 

Mom will visit you next month to bring to somethings. Mamma is gonna hug you so tight, baby




My mom is that type of mother everyone wants to have. I sure do get what my dad is thinking. 

It’s just that I can’t control my self! If I can.. I would never be a girl now, I’ll still be a boy.

I can’t wait for my mommy to come visit me. 

She said she’s gonna hug me tight. I will hug her even more tighter!

Oh boy, If only my dad understand me and supports me. That will be my only wishes in the whole entire world. 

Than for Charlie to fall in love with me.

Those are my only two wishes. 


Please make than happen!

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