The Gay friend

Gender Roles Challenge
Option 1- Write a story with alternative gender characters.

“You’re what!?” His face was so disgusted. He tried to move away from me.

“I’m..” I hesitated. “I’m gay”

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4. April, 2018

I walk outside if my apartment and grab the pink bag.

I placed it in the kitchen counters. I was ready to open the bag and see what’s inside it so badly. But.. here’s the thing.

 I watch to much “Horror” movie and think of some bombs thing inside of there.

Yeah, dumb right… but it doesn’t make me hate myself, I guess. It’s 8am and I need to sleep and get up at 3am. Begin in Uber driver make’s me money. It’s good enough to pay my rent with my roommate, Rosie.

We split it up to 980 per month. Which is okay since I make 2,000 per day. I just don’t know how to use my money during situation like this.

So, i decided to go to bed and wait until after school and meet, Charlie. He might hate me but there’s always him in my heart no matter what.


I woke up at 3am and pick up my first person. Guess who it was.

It was some YouTuber trying to make “Don’t use an Uber at 3am” 



I’ve been working at this for many year and NEVER EVER saw anything strange.

“I’ll update you when i caught something” Said the YouTuber.


Which will be NEVER! Ha!


“Hey Uber driver, what’s your name?”


“May I ask you a flavor?”

“Sure thing”

“When I stump my feet in the car, act scared” there was a pause. “I will too”

What kind of a YouTuber is this!

“How much money or tip for it?”




Yeah that happen. He promoted me and made a fund page for me. 50k that goes into my account. He asked for my number, which I already gave since of Uber thing. 

Until 8Am, I went to school.




As I open the door to my school, my heart stopped.


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