New Girl

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  • Published: 6 Mar 2018
  • Updated: 21 Mar 2018
  • Status: Complete
Something has changed Stacy's life forever, making her a more confident person, actually more of a rebel and badass some would say. Read more to find out the story is good I'm just not good at intros


3. Your my mate

“DO YOU HAVE A POOL?” I asked excitement coming over me I have always wanted a pool. “So out of all the stuff you could say you asked if I own a pool?” he asked quite amused with me, I just nod my head she leans back in his chair smiling like a crazy person. “Yes I have a pool, any other questions?” he says. I tapped my chin

“Yes do I have a room and can I swim in the pool, or and do you a gold swan floaty if not I have one my car…….WHWRE THE FUCK IS MY CAT IS SHE OKAY?”I scrammed getting up ignoring all the pains trying to find my way out of this fucking mansion. “How many hallways dose one person fucking need?” I said to myself when I could hear some kids laughing. I turned around to see three identical girl with long blonde hair girl and blue eyes and one with a yellow dress one with a blue one and the tried has a pink one on Soooooo frickin cute.

“Are you Stacy?” The one in the blue dress asked with her two other sisters hiding behind her “Yes, how did you know?” I asked her sitting down on the ground crossing my legs. “Because our brother talks about you all the time.” The one in the yellow dress said giggling.

“Yeah he dose I think he like you, don’t tell him I told you it’s our secret.” The one in the pink dress said whisper yelling I let out a small laugh, “Who’s you brother?” I asked “Kyle, follow us.” They said running down all these stairs. Until we came to the door of a room, it’s wooden with the moon curved into it. “This is-“One of the girls begun but was cut off by Kyle “What douse thing you’re doing?”

He yelled playfully making all three of them jump including me. All three of them ran off but Kyle ran after them scooping all three of them up in his arms, making his muscles bludge even more. “You three little trouble maker run off to June, he said he’s going to take uses out for some ice-cream.” He said they all wriggled out of his arms running off to where ever he is.

“Your still on the 3rd floor, follow me.” Kyle said grabbing my hand leading me down the hall to an elevator, he clicked the 1st floor button. Once we got down I could see some of the other people who are in the pack, he smiled at me then walked me to outside where I was my baby I ran to her running my fingers across her skin making sure everything is in place.

I turned to Kyle giving him a smile “Thank you for everything.” I said looking at the ground playing with my nails, he grabbed my chin lifting it up looking me in the eyes. “Never look down, everyone needs to see your beautiful face, always wear your smile and hold your head high.” I all he said before walking away, leaving me here standing dumb ford. I walked back inside to see June standing with some chic I haven’t seen before, I walked over towards them.

“Hey June.” I said the girl looked at me her eyes going wide then started to bow her head, when June gave her this weird look like they were mind reading each other mind or something. “I’m Chloe June’s mate.” She said pulling me into a hug I tilted my head to the side, I was about to ask her a question when Luke, Kyle and Marcus showed up with the triplets.

“What the hell is a mate?” I said everyone’s jaw dropped including my brothers jaw. “Are you joking no one has told her, if use’s don’t I will.” Chloe said when Kyle growled making the whole room go dead silent. “No you won’t.” Kyle said dangerously low I turned around crossing my arms over my chest raising my left eye brow at him. “You know what Mr Asshole, yes were back to that now…You will not disrespect my new best friend like that Alpha or not, I will pull you into line so don’t go all top shit on me got it, now someone tell me what the fuck is a mate.”

I demanded. The look on everyone in the pack’s face is priceless I can see Marcus is about to piss himself laughing at any moment. “A mate is your true love, every werewolf has one it’s your soul mate, when you see him you start feeling sparks and fell attracted to them you can’t live without them, without a mate you can’t live and go crazy.” The girl in the pink dress said. My whole body froze, as thoughts flow through my mind I looked at Kyle then the little girl shaking my head. “Have you found your mate?”

I asked Kyle his eyes started to swirl black and he started to stare intensely into my eyes. He nodded his head “Yes, it’s you.” He said I didn’t know what to do so I ran, I ran as far as my legs could take me. I looked around my surrounding to see I’m at the edge of a cleft I looked down to see a massive amazing, Lake the water is clear as day. One the other side is a waterfall underneath is a type of cave I could tell by the echoing of the water when it hits the rocks. I sat down letting out a long sigh, I can’t believe this so much has happen over the year, I remember when I would sit in my bedroom.

Watching Netflix because I had nothing else to do, no going out to clubs or having to run from everything in fear I would end up as my parents. I sat there on the edge of the Blue Lake, remembering my first heart ache the day my parents died I was inside in my room watching Netflix. WOW such as shocker not! Just as I about to finish season three of Arrow, I heard two ear-piercing screams.

I ran out of my room down the stairs calling out to mum and dad, to see two massive wolfs biting their necks, then snapped it in half. I fell to my knees crying as I cradled my mother and fathers body, the door was kicked open revelling my brother, he screamed my name before its teeth sunk into my neck then everything went black. I woke up the next day the bite heeled then I could do things not normal, the wolfs bit my brother too then we went on the run, I stated to go out to clubs get waisted drink my problems away and fight people who pissed me off.

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