New Girl

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  • Published: 6 Mar 2018
  • Updated: 21 Mar 2018
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Something has changed Stacy's life forever, making her a more confident person, actually more of a rebel and badass some would say. Read more to find out the story is good I'm just not good at intros


7. What are you

I just laughed to myself as I walked through the hall I found a separate part of the school, like it’s abounded. I pulled the door breaking the lock then shut it behind me, it’s an empty room but something was different about it. I walked to the end of the room sitting down on the window bay when it made a click noise.

A secret entrance I open the hatch door thing getting in shutting it going down the ladder carefully until I came to a chill out room. Spider webs everywhere and dust two things I fucking hate when something stood out a photo album.

I sat down on the coach dust going everywhere grabbing the book wiping away the dust, looking at something I thought I would never see again. Black Moore high year book of 2018, they year it all happen, I open the first page going through the pictures until I came to mine.

But for some reason I look different destroyed like a badass who didn’t give a fuck who hated the world and everyone in it. Next to me is my brother I could feel tears slide down my face thinking about him then Kyle, to say I don’t miss him is a lie and I did love him but he never loved me back.

I closed the book in anger throwing it at the wall I climbed out of this room and out of this stupid fucking building, I walked through school to people hanging out at lunch time. I walked into the cafeteria getting a lot of stares I just held my head high and walked to the front of the line ignore so of the people yelling at me and grabbed a water and an apple.

“Get to the back hoe.” The guy with black hair spat at me grabbing my wrist extremely tight trying to hurt me only if he knew. I grabbed his wrist then smashed his face onto the bench listening the sound of his nose breaking. “Now I’m not a person you would want to fuck with hoe.” I said mocking him while he fell to the ground holding his nose in pain.

I feel like ever since I let the whole werewolf and other people being like me, kinda made me afraid that someone else could hurt me just how I could hurt them making me soft…Well guess what bitch I’m back and better than ever and nothing will ever put me through the pain I went through before.

I found a table that no one sat at and sat down eating my lunch in peace and quiet when I  heard multiple trays and people sitting down with me, I looked up to see Jackson, Rose, Jake and Xavier. I raised my eye brown giving them a chance to explain why they are here sitting with me.

“Wouldn’t it affect your ego sitting with me or did I effect it when I showed you up.” I said playful jest seriously to Jackson he took a deep breath glaring at me. “I could easily-“he started but I cut him off.

“Just because your half werewolf half vampire doesn’t mean you’re better or stronger than me actually if makes you 100 times lower than me.” I spat making his jaw drop, while I could see Rose is about to piss herself laughing, then Jake just started bat me in curiosity trying to figure out what the fuck I am.

“I’ll answer your question angle boy if Xavier answer one of my question.” I said making him huff and sit back sulking that I read his mind and he didn’t get a chance to surprise me. “What’s your question?” Xavier said making my whole body shiver when he talks I closed my eyes in frustration not again. “What are you?” I asked a smile came to his face as his eyes went red then back to his beautiful blue.

“Demon, angle, werewolf.” He said with a grin on his lips as my jaw dropped I was about to ask another question but Jake beat me to it. "No“ Now you answer my question what are you?” Jake said I could tell its eating him up that he doesn’t know what I am but I don’t know either.

“Let’s just say I used to be a werewolf then something happen and now I have no idea what I am.” I said “What but how?” he said I shook my head “How did you become all of those breeds.” I asked Xavier he face dropped like he’s remembering a bad memory.

“I was dying when a bomb struck about a thousand years ago, it killed almost everyone but I survived but I was dying the CAO which stands for secret assign organisation yes its meant to be a C not a S the C is a secret S, but anyway Jake was one of the only person to survive from the CAO he let me feed off hid blood I became stronger but a side effect was since its angle blood it would make me the ultimate hybrid and immortal so is everyone here immortal.” He said now it makes so much sense.

“My whole life was a lie I thought I found my mate he was pretending to be my mate by this position be he had to, to protect me a bomb went off and people came to our pack house trying to find me and most likely kill me, his name was Kyle he sent me to a safe place under the house made out of titanium, there was a note telling me everything.

That’s the CAO made him then a position that he gave me to think he was my mate it started if I drank if with one of the bags of angle blood it would take away all of my powers and I would be normal…instead I wanted to die so I drank the 100 litters of angle blood I went into a thousand year coma and woke up three days ago realising I’m immortal and there you go.” I said to see everyone speechless.



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