New Girl

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  • Published: 6 Mar 2018
  • Updated: 21 Mar 2018
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Something has changed Stacy's life forever, making her a more confident person, actually more of a rebel and badass some would say. Read more to find out the story is good I'm just not good at intros


2. The crash


“Actually no all I did was punch her in the yes and she hit the ground with a knockout, someone else got to her but I really don’t care she needed to be put in her place.” I said walking in to the cafeteria to see Marcus, June and Mr Asshole I walked over to them and sat down, stealing one of June’s chips.

“Hey that’s was my chip go get your own.” June said pulling his tray of chips closer to him like a little scavenge that’s never eaten food before in his life kind of like that weird human thing from lord of the rings that all like my pressies with the ring thing.

“Whatever….so what do we have next?” I asked leaning over the table exhausted wanting to go home and sleep in my bed for a few decades. “We have sport, princess.” Mr Asshole said now that I think of it I don’t even know why I call him Mr Asshole well I do, I got jealous when I saw him with that slut but I don’t know why since I’ve never even met the frickin guy. 

“Kyle…..WHAT GHE FUCK DID YOU DO TO MY GIRL?” Some guy yelled coming over to our table with blond hair green eyes covered in tattoos, with that blonde skank standing right next to him. “Wow, dude take a dam chill pill, okay don’t walk over here acting all cocky, okay I wear hell bigger than your dick, then again by the looks of all the steroids you take that wouldn’t really surprise you huh?” I said making his face turn red in embarrassment and a few people laugh from the cafeteria.

“Shut the fuck up bitch if you know what good for you.” He spat baling his hand into a first, before I knew it Luke’s fist connected with his face. “Don’t you ever talk to my sister like that again, or next time you’ll end up like your side hoe.” My brother spat walking out of the place outside to the oval to cool down I got up and followed after hi with June, Marcus behind us.

But I knew Mr Asshole is staying behind to finish his unfinished business with Mr Steroids, Luke sat down at the oak tree on the wooden table. I sat down on one of the low tree branches letting my feet dangle, not even three seconds later the frickin bell went.

I got up and walked off towards the gym I went into on f the change rooms, I found my locker pulling out my sports bra, grey cropped hoodie and matching baggy trackies. I tied my hair up into a pony tail, then walked out to see most of the boys ready. “Okay class today is theory actually, you’ll get into groups of 5 and plan a training session one exercise focusing on each part of your body.” Sir said I looked around to see everyone getting into their groups.
But something was off it’s like I was stuck is some sort of Trans, I could feel shocks running through my body and an amazing smell, of wild berries and mint. I looked around the room everything is all blurred, I could hear voices but it’s like its gone slomo I could understand what they’re saying.

I came back to my senses when I felt someone touch my shoulder sending sparks flow through my body. “You okay Princess?” Kyle said I looked up at him nodding my head as he guides me towards the rest of the boys, trying to process what the hell just happen. For the rest of the day I was basically zoned out I figured out it happens when Kyle leaves the room but why, how?

The bell finally rang teen flooding the halls trying to get the hell out of school, I walked to my car meeting up either the boys. “Yo Stacey you okay you’ve been out of it lately today?” Marcus said showing off his cute little dimples.
“Yeah I’m fine, we still meeting at the beach?” I asked all the boys nodded their heads at each other “Okay, Marcus can come in my car, June and Luke use can go with Kyle okay.” I said opening my door getting into the drives seat as Marcus gets into the passenger seat.

“Stacey, what wrong don’t give me some bullshit answer I know something is wrong.” Marcus said as I drove out of the school, I took a deep breath trying to figure out what the fuck do I say. “Well, I keep getting this weird feeling like sparks going through my body, like some type of trans I can focus or do anything just think about the amazing smell and feeling, but the weird thing is it happen every time Kyle leaves the room, so I thinks he’s like blocking it or something, I don’t know I feel like I’m going crazy without it.” I said getting out of focus.

I looked to see I’m in the right hand lane it all happen so fast the bright light, screeching of me hitting the breaks the loud ear piercing noise of the truck colliding with my car then everything went black. I woke up with a loud beeping sound I looked around faintly to see those deep brown eyes looking at me with worry, and relief.
I tried to get up for a pain stabbing in the side of head, Kyle grabbed my body laying me back down on the bed. “Just rest, you’re okay I’ll go get Luke.” He said softly I did as he said and waited until the doors open to revel my brother his blonde hair a rats mess, with bright blue eyes all puffy and red from crying, all the colour completely drained out of his face.

“Stacey you scared to living shit out of me never do that again.” He said hugging me like it’s the last time he would see me. “Luke what happen?” I asked in shock.
“We were driving behind you when you swerved into the wrong lane then got hit by a truck Marcus got out just in time but you didn’t I thought you were dead….I can never lose you okay….never, Kyle got you out and took you back to his place and you’ve been in a coma for about 5 weeks.” I was quite shocked I mean seriously it felt like I went for a little nap…..wait why am I at Kyles place not a hospital.

I looked at Luke to see there is something he’s not telling me “Luke…..what are you hiding?” I asked he looked me in the eyes and gulped. “Well um you know how, they’re one too!” he said I scrunched my face up their one too, that’s doesn’t make any fucking sense. “They’re WHAT?” I yelled when it clicked, my whole face dropped it makes so much sense now.

“You mean, it’s not just us there are others?” I asked just as those words left my mouth June, Marcus and Kyle walked into the room talking a seat around me. “Others, Stacey there is a whole other world you don’t know werewolf, vampires, witches, warlocks, shape shifters, Mermaids, fairy’s.” June said with a big grin on his face.

“So, were in a pack of werewolf’s, we train and live together we have a territory we fight other packs if they break the law, he have an Alpha, Beta and Omega.” Kyle said putting a stray hair that was in my face behind me ear. “I remember dad used to tell me stories about that, well I thought they were stories, what are use?” I asked a smile comes to Marcus face.

“I’m the beta second in command so if our alpha is sick or spending time away I’m in charge I tell everyone what to do, that my boss the alpha tells me.” Marcus said
“I’m the Omega so I train everyone Marcus tell us what to do and I make sure everyone follows the rules and is behaving.” June said “I’m the Alpha the leader of Black’Rose pack strongest pack in the world.” Kyle said now that makes sense.
“Explains your resting bitch face.” I said laughing at my own joke come-on it was funny in the corner of my eyes I saw a small grin on Kyles face.




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