New Girl

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  • Published: 6 Mar 2018
  • Updated: 21 Mar 2018
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Something has changed Stacy's life forever, making her a more confident person, actually more of a rebel and badass some would say. Read more to find out the story is good I'm just not good at intros


6. New life

I thanked Lucy as she dropped me off at my new flat, waving goodbye to her, she gave me her old flat down at summer bay and enrolled me into Summer Bay high she is my guidance.

She’s letting me settle in and will come and visit every month making sure I’m okay she’s is my adopted mother. I sat down on the sofa thinking about everything I mean how the fuck did this happen, and you know what I’m actually happy I can finally be kinda normal once I find out what the fuck I am.

My new name is Snow Queen I know how fancy I’ve decided I want to graduate high school and become a I have no idea but I’ll figure it all out I mean now I can ace history right? I walked into my new bedroom having a nice hot shower then put back on my old grotty clothing, I checked the time to see it’s like 10 at night maybe some shops will be open.

I grabbed the credit card Lucy gave me its unlimited Soooooo, shopping spring I got out of the house and walk down the street to see a few shops I bought enough cloths to last me the next two weeks so I’ll go proper shopping on the weekend.

I got back to the house putting my bags down on the ground then laid down in bed going to sleep, this time hopefully not for 1,000 years. I woke up to see it’s like 10 shit I put on a white crop top finishing 2 cm under my boobs, then my blue overalls with my white Nike runners, tying my hair into a pony tail.

As I walk to school I couldn’t help but think why would Lucy do this for me I mean she doesn’t know me at all just met last night then bam she adopted me being my mother even though I’m like a thousand years older than her. I couldn’t believe this is happening to me I mean how and why…..what am I now I can’t exactly go for a DNA test for else I would like killed and experimented on I thing and fuck to the no am I letting anyone do that to me.

My brother I could feel my heart aching I completely forgot about him, I mean he’s probably dead now most likely from the fight. Wait I remember Kyle saying something about CAO what the fuck is that maybe if I find out I’ll know and they will explain why Kyle has to protect me?

I looked up to see my new high school no matter how many years I’m gone for high school will always be the same. I walked down the car park receiving a few odd looks from a group of people but I just ignored them and kept on walking until I reached my locker, to see that Lucy did some school shopping for and shit putting it all in my locker.

I shut my locker holding my sport bag with my sport clothing in it so I can be ready for gym early I found it to see its massive, indoor basketball courts and upstairs watching view thingy I have no idea what it called but it looks like some fancy basketball stadium.

“HEADS!” Someone yelled out I quickly turned around catching the basketball with my spare hand then through it towards the person but my throw might have been a little hard it went right pass him into the hoop, I raised my eyebrow in surprise.

The gut who threw the it stared at me a bit I shock I took this time to take in his appearance shaggy beach blonde hair, with emerald green eyes about 6’3 so frickin tall very good build body if I say so myself. I looked around the place to see the change rooms I walked in to see boys and girls change in the same room what the fuck this school is rich but they can’t afford separate change rooms.

I got into a cubical stripping down pulling out a black sports bra with matching leggings and a grey fitting crop top, and grey Nike runners. I walked out placing my bag down I walked out of the change room just as the bell rang, but to my surprise about 8 people were already changed and sitting down on the seats at the end of the hall for people to sit on where people watch a game.

Soon enough people start to roll into class sitting down on the that’s what it’s called bleachers but indoor, I could hear some of the kids talking about me, nothing bad or anything but my hearing has gotton better and I mean was better than werewolf super hearing as in like, I can hear well sense hear what they are about to do.

“Okay today well be trying out on your athletic abilities so tomorrow I can put everyone into groups who have the same abilities.” Sir said but made intense eye contact with some of the other students like he’s mind talking with them.

“Okay I want a two lines one boys one girls now.” He said everyone got up standing behind each other, when someone walked right into my shoulder barging me. I stopped in my tracks to see a guy with jet black hair and chocolate brown eyes, tall buff but looks like he’s on steroids.

“Watch it bitch.” I spat catching him and a few people by surprise then walk to the back of the line as he gave me the dirtiest look ever. “The person right across is your partner, you’ll be working on your shooting skills.”
Sir yelled I saw a guy with light brown hair shaved at the sides but left long on the top, she has a defined jaw line with golden eyes, piercing at anyone he looks like I knew he’s a werewolf. “Come on I’ll go first and show how it’s done.”

He said all cockily grabbing a basketball walking up to the basketball hoop doing a slam dunk.
“That’s supposed to impress me.” I said crossing my arms over my chest rolling my eyes oh I think he must be some hot shot since almost every gasped, while he looked pissed. “I like to see you do better.” He said I rolled my eyes walking to the entrance of the doors about 100 meters away from the hoop.

“WOW YOU INSULT ME YET YOU’RE THE ONE WALKING OUT!” He yelled laughing at me I just put up the finger then grabbed a loose ball standing right at the door. “The hoop is over here.” He said I just rolled me eyes I looked at the hoop then threw the ball as far as I could but aiming for the hoop, and bam bitch it went right in.
“Don’t judge a books by its cover baby, and shut your mouth it’s not a pretty look.”

I said walking over to the benches sitting down I think I’ve proven my point. I got up when sharp pains started to stab through my head like knives, I held my head wincing in pain I look around the room when I could see him staring at me intensely I knew he was doing it.

I stood up propyl walking toward him his cocky smile diapered when his face dropped at how it’s not working, I look around to make sure no one was watching us. I grabbed him by the neck pinning him to the wall, I said nothing but stared deep into his eyes then dropped him I knew everything about him.

I walked out of the gym into the corridors his name is Jackson Taylor a hybrid half werewolf half vampire best friend Xavier the blonde guy from this morning which means he’s something too they have a group well pack to say but no leader. The other person is a chic with bright pink hair her name is Rose then another guy name Jake with black hair and silver eyes he’s an angle…Rose is a witch also Jackson’s step sister.





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