New Girl

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  • Published: 6 Mar 2018
  • Updated: 21 Mar 2018
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Something has changed Stacy's life forever, making her a more confident person, actually more of a rebel and badass some would say. Read more to find out the story is good I'm just not good at intros


1. Mr Asshole

I look in the mirror making sure I look perfect my tight crème dress going about mid-thigh with my grey knee high boots, nude lip stick. I walked out of the bathroom through the club, onto the dance floor swaying my hips to the beat of the music. I could feel the other sweaty bodies brushing up against mine, eventually I finally had  enough I walked off the dance floor into the VIP, area. “Stacy?” A very familiar voice I turned around slowly hoping it’s not who I thought it was, I let out a sigh of relief, to see it’s only Marcus.

I walked up to him and his group of friends giving him a big hug. “What the hell are you doing here, and dam if your brother saw you wearing this I think he would kill everyone one in this club that has balls.” Marcus saideye raping my appearance. “Ha, first I’ve moved into town and unlike you baby boy, I’m legal age to be in this club, second think you let’s just say I’ve been through some changes over the past year.” I said running my hand through my long brown hair pulling it on my side, before Marcus could even answer my phone started to ring with Luke’s caller ID. “Speaking about the devil.”

I said clicking answer kicking Marcus in the thigh to make sure he shuts his mouth “Hey Luke.” I said fake yawning acting like I’m in my bed studying like I’m supposed to, “Don’t you, hey Luke me! I just got home and guess who’s not in their room studying, so I want to know where the fuck are you!” He yelled so loud I think Arica herd him. “Shut the fuck up Luke, first you should of told me your coming home early and I am studying you dick, I’m at Marcus place, he’s just helping me with some school shit since were in the same grade and school your tool.”

I spat then gave Marcus the puppy’s eyes which I know he can’t say no to. “Hey Luke, it’s okay Stacy is at the house, we just catching up, we gotta go I’ve got to fill her in on a lot of stuff.” Marcus said then hung up my phone. “Well, we do need to catch up Stacy, last time I check you were the goody to shoe who always stayed at home watching Netflix. Now you’re just a hot badass.” He said which I slapped him across the head for.

“Respect your older boi, it will never happen you’re not my type but see you soon.” I said kissing him cheek waving bye at his friends all of their mouths were wide open. As I went to walk out of the VIP area I bumped into a couple. “What it slut.” The stupid hoe said, I turned around to see a guy with dark brown hair ice blue eyes, covered in tattoos hot as fuck and some blonde bitch.

“WOW….I’m impressed that you can speak with all that cake on your face, but you missed a spoke I can see your black eye still.” She gasped touching her face “What are you talking about?” she said “Sorry, let me help you find it.” I said punching her right in the eye knocking her out cold. “Stupid twat.”

I spat before walking out finding my way to the exit through all the sweating bodies. I jumped into my Jeep speeding off to a local beach I pulled up on the sand, getting out opening up the back of my baby, to see my blankets and fairy lights with my pillow and a basket of food still set up.

I walked out to the water stripping down butt naked, I got into the water washing my body with soap cleansing all the makeup off, I got out and walked back to my car drying my body putting on my loose black and white hippie pants, and boob tube black crop top. I got into the back of my car laying down resting my eyes starting to become heavier and heavier my second, soon enough my eyes loosed letting the darkness take over. I woke up the children laughing the waves hitting the sand, birds chirping.

I checked my phone to see its 9 I drove my car off the beach and into one of the car spaces, grabbing I pulled on my orange lace spite strap and low vline crop top and my ripped faded blue short shorts and some brown sandals, I brushed my hair leaving it in its waves, and sprayed on some perfume quickly brushed my teeth, then sped off for my first day of school.

Let’s just say I look and smell like sex even though I’m still a virgin, but in a very hot way, I pulled my car into school parking in one of the car parks. I got out rushing to room 201 for English, even though I’m repeating year 12 so I’ve already done everything so this will be easy.

I walk in school until I came to my room, I could sense the presents of my brother and I knew he could sense the presents of mine and he knows I was at the club last night. I open the door to see Sir was in the middle of teaching he stopped and sighed rising his eye brow. “Why are you late?” he asked not very happy.
“Well if you must know I camped in the back of my jeep last night and watched the stars on the beach then went to sleep, then I woke up at 9 and drove to school, and here I am.”

I said he didn’t expect the truth most likely some bullshit excuse a smile came to his face. “Take a seat at the back, and turn to page 222 please, oh and welcome to Black Moor high.” He said I walked pass Marcus to see his jaw dropped as well with everyone else’s jaw, only down side is the asshole from last night the guy with the twat, yep I have to sit next to him.

“Okay then class, get into a group of five and discuss what you’re going to do with your assignment on each other.” He said fuck I saw Marcus get up quickly sitting next to me then Luke sat in front of me then some other guy with  platinum blonde hair ice blue eyes tall with muscular but not bulky like Luke and the asshole.
“I’m June, Marcus has told us a lot about you, but by from what I saw last night you look different from what I would picture.”

I let out a lough laugh and snorted everyone stared at me but I couldn’t give a fuck. “Talking about last night……..what the fuck do you think you were doing in the club one of my mates showed me a picture of a really hot chic to only see it’s my fucking sister who is meant to be at Mr dicks place, and what the fuck you look and smell like sex please tell me you didn’t.” before Luke could go any further I closed my hand in front of his making him shut the fuck up.

“Get over yourself, I’m legal age so fuck off and second, you really think I do one night stands, do you see this body like seriously. This body is way too good for one night stands let alone those honry mother fuckers, I don’t fancy STD’s I’m just naturally this hot, unlike that stupid fucking twat.” I spat the last part I swear to god if I see her ooh she’ll never be able to walk again.

I looked to see the door opening to see that stupid bitch walk into the class her whole face covered in bruises, dam that must have been someone else, whoever did beat the living shit out of her I kind of feel bad until she gave me the evil eyes I got up out of my seat, only to have someone grab my waist making sure I beat her again. “I would be scared to bitch you wait till after school if you keep up your attaché you stupid twat, next time it I’ll be permeate.” I spat before my ass hit the seat roughly.

I looked to see it was Mr Asshole who grabbed me I only gave him a dirty look then rolled my eyes “Stacy you have changed a lot.” Marcus said I locked eyes with Luke shaking my head Marcus doesn’t need to know yet, but I could fell Mr Asshole burn holes through my head, I just shook it off.

“Okay, we have an group assignment on forest, which means we have to find something and choose a partner to study it, so I suggest we go for a camp out for the long weekend that coming up this week, the group will be one of three one of two, we could meet up at the beach and discuss from then on this arvo after school at let’s say 3.” The blonde dude said I like this kid he is smart.

Everyone chatted away I just scrolled through my phone planning where we’ll be going for the weekend cause um it has to be something that I’ll like. The bell rang I grabbed my books and exited the class with Luke following behind me I open my locker putting everything away. “Stacey, I’m sorry it’s just I don’t know what I would do if I let anything happen to you, I’ve lost mum and dad I can’t lose you two.” Luke said tearing streaming down his face, I let out a long sigh and pulled my brother into a loving hug.

“It’s okay, Luke I know, I guess I have been over the top latterly and really bitchy, I love you too lets just make up and go back to normal, okay?.” I said as his arms tighten around my waist we pulled apart and walked side by side down the hall to the cafeteria. “So, that girl that walked into the class this morning is that what you did to her last night because she called you a slut?” Luke asked disappointed.

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