New Girl

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  • Published: 6 Mar 2018
  • Updated: 21 Mar 2018
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Something has changed Stacy's life forever, making her a more confident person, actually more of a rebel and badass some would say. Read more to find out the story is good I'm just not good at intros


8. Max!

 “I’m going to leave nice chat.” I said getting up and walking off just as I open the cafeteria doors the bell went which means English, my favourite subject please note my sycasim. I walked through the halls grabbing my English book out of my locker then walking into room 111 I found my room walking in to see Xavier sitting at the back, I close my eyes opening them again to see him patting the seat next to him.

I let out a sigh but walk to the back sitting down next to him placing everything down in it order trying to distract myself, because I could feel him staring holes through my head. “You know ignoring me isn’t going to help you.” He whispered brushing his lips on my cheeks sending shivers through my body which I tried to ignore.

He just smirked to himself I could feel my blood boil what he thinks this is funny “No not funny, more like entertaining.” He said I gritted my teeth together realising where basically the same thing so he can also read my mind. “Baby I’m going to hunt you down tonight, and then you’ll see how much of an animal of I am, you can run as fast or as far you want but I track you down…because we both know you can’t deny the beast inside.” He said making my knees going weak.

What the fuck this guy went from I just met you to I’ll fuck you, bipolar much I mean calm your hormones boi. “What’s wrong, cat got your tongue.” He teased running his hand up my thigh I stood up making the whole room go dead silent then ran out, I ran as fast as I could once I stopped running.

I realised I was standing infornt of my house I locked the doors and went to my room laying in my bed listening to my heart beat for the first time.  I sat up taking in a deep breath and letting it out, I mean I’ve just met this guy for starters, and second WHAT FUCK IS HE BIPOLAR!

I walked into my bathroom turning on my shower stripping down getting in I can feel my muscles relax as the warm water droplets hit my skin, I sat down pulling my knees up to my chest letting out a sigh trying to figure out what the fuck am I going to do tomorrow.

I need to slow thing down I told myself as I pull the bed covers over my body reason 1 I just woke up from a thousand year sleep, 2 I need to sort shit out and get over my pass, 3 I need a life a goal something to strive for. I woke up feeling better for some reason I have a massive smile on my face something in my gut tells me today is going to be a good day. I walked into my wardrobe deciding on what I’ll wear today, I pulled out a blue cotton high neck crop top with a black high waisted shatter skirt and my black flats.

I did two Dutch braids leaving my hair half up half down I walk out of the house towards school I  held my head high as I enter school, knowing everyone is talking about why I left class blah blah. I walked into form class knowing I’m 20 minutes early and guess who else is in class yep, Xavier, Jake, Jackson, and Rose.

Immediately Rose got and left the boys sitting down next to me I gave her a welcoming smile as she returned one. “So sorry about Xavier yesterday seriously he’s never done that before maybe he has the hots for you.” Rose whispered to me but I knew they boys were using their super hearing I could sense it.

“Really I thought he was all for dicks not chic’s.” I said deadly serious when Jake and Jackson burst out laughing I turned my head to see them both falling to the ground pissing themselves laughing, while Xavier looked pissed as fuck which put a massive smile on my face. Rose is actually really funny and says I love her, we were talking and laughing about funny child hood stories about Jackson when the doors were swang open, revelling a sex god.

Both rose and my jaws dropped open like holy shit she’s hot dark brown hair piercing green eyes, defines jaw line looks like he just came out of a Calvin Klein magazine. Two other guys came in behind him one both blondes with blue eyes definitely brothers, and two chic’s one with black hair and brown eyes the other blue hair and blue eyes.

“I thought he left.” A few girls whose sitting infornt of us gossiped “Apparently they were in France making a movie.” Another one said I just rolled my eyes what a load of bullshit, I looked into Rose’s eyes she knew something. “Spill.” I said cutting the crap she just hid her face I let out a frustrating sigh and raised my eyebrow at her.

“Fine but not here there are too many ears.” She said I stood but the chairs screeching on the floor making all heads snap towards me I just gave them all my best death glare. I walked up to Sir who’s reading an intense books but the looks of his facial expression. “Rose and I need to use the bathroom.” I said grabbing his book out of his hand.

A massive scroll was on his face when I looked deep into his eyes making him I guess in a Trans Rose taught me this. “Can Rose and I use the bathroom please!” I said more demanding he shook his head then gave me a million dollar smile but something about it was off, when his eyes shimmered with gold fuck.

“No, now give me back my book.” He said with a sly smirk the little bitch is a wolf well I guess two can play this game, I held his 5oo page book up infornt of him and ripped it in half then dropped it on the ground. “Sorry,  I must have been mumbling I said Let Rose and I leave this fucking class before I rip you in half just like that book.” I spat scrunching my nose up.

He stood up out of his chair and looked me up and down nodding his head in approval “Yes.” I s all he said I nodded at Rose she we left the class and walked into the abounded building for some privacy. “Okay Well that was Max the really hot one he’s a god, then Deric and Sam both twins not identical but they do look alike Sam is gay Deric is straight they’re saucers then Chloe and Blue both Vampires, they left about 3 years ago because of some shit, we were all really close but Xavier and Max go into a fight and yep.” Rose said I rolled my eyes ovcourse they got into a fight because what’s school without drama. “I can see well sense both X and Max have their eyes on you I may have read his thought but he had a very good block on.” Rose said very proud I just laughed at her which reminds me I need a block.

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