New Girl

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  • Published: 6 Mar 2018
  • Updated: 21 Mar 2018
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Something has changed Stacy's life forever, making her a more confident person, actually more of a rebel and badass some would say. Read more to find out the story is good I'm just not good at intros


5. Its all a lie

When several gun shots went off, Kyle jumped up and ran out of the room while the girls started to cry and cry I moved the bed to see a secret safety room. “Girls get in.” I said opening the door all of us getting in one by one.
I grabbed the bed by the corner pulling it closer, I got into the safety room standing on the ladder pulling the all the way over then shut the door, and locked it.

The whole room is made out of titanium alloys, Kyle told me about the safety room through mind link but as soon as I shut that door I couldn’t comminute with him anymore.
I looked around to see four beds storage of food and blood lots of blood after about two hours the girl fell asleep, I looked around the room when I found a note with my name on it.



*Dear Stacey
If you ever find this letter it means they have attacked I have so much I want to tell you but one day you’ll find out but the first thing is. Everything you think you know is a lie, in the fridge behind all of the blood you’ll see a glass with a green liquid. It’s a position the day your parents were killed this was put into your coffee, it makes your worst fears come true and see things.
The stories your father used to tell you when you were a little girl some of them are true some not you parents death wasn’t from a werewolf but a shape shifter, the whole mate thing between us isn’t real I’m sorry I’m not your mate it was a cover for the CAO. Every morning I had to put a hormonal pill into your drinks which makes you become addictive towards a person. My mission was to protect you and do whatever I have to, to make sure your safe and sound I’m so sorry right now were under attack most likely or you wouldn’t be in this room.
You have two choices drink the position and keep living this fantasy or if you mix the blood in with it, since its angels blood if will undo the cure of a werewolf and you’ll turn human forget everything and live a normal life again, if the triplets are with you then their job is done they aren’t real humans but robots if you lift up their hair you’ll see the red bottom click it and they’ll know their mission is done which is for you to come into this room.
Sorry but lots of love Kyle x



I shook my head this must be a lie I told myself scrunching up the letter I walked up to the girls and lifted up their hair, a red bottom I clicked all three of them. But why me I grabbed the position and mixed it with some of the blood.

I was about to drink it but it’s like my body has a mind of its own I dropped it on the ground and grabbed 6 bags of blood 6 litres and sculled all of it down, once I finished my heart started to race faster and faster by the second, I open the fridge looking at probably one hundred of the blood bags and sat down drinking bag after bag.

Once I finished everything started to blur black dots appearing everywhere soon everything went black, I laid on the ground letting the dark consume me. I woke up looking around to see I’m still in this stupid safe room, I climbed up the ladder and pushed the door open when it went flying off I looked around to see weeds and dirt everywhere.

I got out and looked around my jaw dropping this place is completely over taken with grass weeds like an old abounded mansion looks like this place is hundreds of years old. I got out and fell through the floor landing right on the ground that’s three stories I fell through and not a single scratch of cut, werewolf’s get cuts but heal.

I walked out the house to see it’s collapsed partly, how longs was I out for by the looks of it years but I would have died, when I realised I drank angle blood. Maybe instead of taking away my ability it has done something else to my body, I walked through the forest to see a main high way which was never there.

I walked on the side of the road cars beeping their horns at me to get the fuck off the road which I just gave them the finger, assholes. I was walking for hours the sun was setting when I came to a service station, which has a diner and motel in it as well. I walked in to see some newspapers I picked it up looking for the date, 3018, last time I checked it was 2018 which means I was in a 1,000 year sleep.

I walked into the bathroom looking at me reflection my hair is still in neat braids and I’m still wearing my workout clothing, nothing wrong with me my body looks the same. I walked out of the bathroom to see a lady about 40, she walked up to me with a smile. “Would you like something to eat or?” she asked bring out here little note pad.

“No, thank you I wouldn’t be able to pay for it.” I said she gasped with pity in her eyes “Are you homeless?” she asked grabbing my hand leading me to a table the  left coming back with a plate of food sitting down with me. “Its okay, you can stay with me until we find you a place, how old are you?” She asked I thought for a bit last time I checked I was 17.

17 years old.” I said taking a sip of the water letting out a sigh of it running down my dry throat I guess that’s what happen when you sleep of 1,000 years.



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