New Girl

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  • Published: 6 Mar 2018
  • Updated: 21 Mar 2018
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Something has changed Stacy's life forever, making her a more confident person, actually more of a rebel and badass some would say. Read more to find out the story is good I'm just not good at intros



I was taken out of my thoughts when I heard someone coming I knew its Kyle from the sparks erupting through my body. I continued looking at the water when he sat down next to me I could feel our connection between us making my wolf and body wanting him to come closer to so our bodies were touching.

“I’m sorry.” He said then grabbed my waisted placing my body on his lap as he nuzzles his head into my neck, I could feel his tears sliding down my neck, instantly making me want to cry and beat the shit out of the person who made him cry. I grabbed his face with my hand then wiped away his tears, looking into his beautiful brown eyes that have a tint of gold.

“I was so scared to tell you, I thought you found out that you would leave me a-a-and I can’t live without you Stacey, I can’t lose you not especially since I have finally found you.” He said I could feel my heart rip into a million pieces I lightly placed my lips on his giving him a reassuring kiss.

“I would never leave you.” I mumbled resting my head on his chest wrapping my legs around his torso as he pulls me closer, inhaling my scent. “Come on, let’s go home.” He said standing up while holding me as I clung to him squealing for my life.

Before I knew it he changed into a wolf and started to run through the forest with me holding on his pure black fur, I the mansion came into view as we got near the door he changed back completely shirtless with his Calvin’s on holding me as my legs wrap around his torso. Just as he open the door my tommy grumbled “Someone want some food.” He said squeezing me face placing me down on the stool as he started to make me some food.

I got up and wrapped my arms around his waist “STACEY!” The screams of the triples echoed through the kitchen I squat down picking them up into a massive bear hug. The one in the pink dress is Rose the one in the blue dress is Iris and one in the yellow dress is Daisy.

  I woke up to the sun shining I looked around to see I’m in an empty bed I got out trying to remember what happen last night, when it all hit me my cheeks heating up at the thought of Kyle flooding my mind. I walked out on the  balcony to see about 15 of the pack members practicing their fighting skills, including Kyle looking at him shirtless his sweat making his body shimmer, each time he blocks a punch his back muscles flex making my inside melt.

I walked back into the room and went inside the walk in wardrobe, looking to a massive section of clothing all in my size he must have got someone to go shopping for me. I grabbed some grey/blue leggings and navy blue Nike crop top tied into a not and some white Nike runners.

I got into the elevator and clicked on the bottom floor then into the living room out the back room to see the boys training, as soon as my foot stepped on the grass everyone turned their heads looking at my jaws dropped. The look on Kyles faced is priceless Marcus took this took this time to kick Kyle in the gut knocking the wind out of him, me being the loving mate I fell to the ground pissing myself laughing.

I got up trying to get myself sober “You thinks it’s funny, huh?” He said with a evil smile on his face and started to walk towards me eyeing me more licking his lips like I’m his pray, I backed away when I realise the only I’m going to get out of this is beat him at his own game.

I took a deep breath copying his face look walking close towards him meeting his half way body against body, only inches apart, he leaned in and so did I then I grabbed his leg pulling it but making his loose balance and fall straight on his ass. “Never let your guard down, Boss.” I said earning a few laughs from the other pack members.
He got up giving me the biggest smile “Bring it on my queen.” He said getting up in a boxing position, he went to give me a right hook which I didge and punched his torso twice then backed off. When his foot connected with my gut catching me by surprise I went into a back hand spring playing it off cool.

I ran towards his and jumped wrapping my legs around his neck pulling him down I turned half way so I landed on him pinning him to the ground “1,2,3.” I yelled out then got up giving Kyle a small peck on the lips but he’s in complete utter shock.

Before I knew it my legs weren’t on the ground then Kyle threw me over his shoulder, running inside we got into our room before I thrown on the bed. “It’s so hot when a girl can fight.” He said then crashed his lips on mine, out mouth moved in sync when he bit my bottom lips making me gasp as he slid his tongue into my mouth fighting for dominance, he let out a low growl as I let him win.

We pulled apart out of breath he moved kissing down my neck before landing on my collar bone then sucked for a good minuted when I felt his teeth pierce my skin I let out a small whimper before pleasure took over my whole body, we stopped then laid down next to me placing small kissing on my mark me by body shiver under his touch.

I rested my head on his chest listening to his heart beat I looked up to him staring intensely at me “Your so fucking cute.” Is all he said with a massive big goofy grin on his face I poked me tongue out at him, but he just licked his lips. “Next time you stick your tongue out it I’ll be in my mouth don’t tempt me queeny.” He said smashing his lips on mine going for another round, his arms roamed by my body, I pulled his shirt off as his pulled mine off.

“STACEY, KYLE CAN WE COME IN!” The triplets screamed I bolted off the bed grabbing my shirt putting it on just as they open the door running up to us jumping on the bed laying down with us.


(Hope you guys like it remember please comment don't be a silent reader tell me your opion please, update soon of and I can't update on weekends, but I'll update every single week day)

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