Melted laddus

it is a humorous story of a coward daughter, and her panicness


1. Melted Laddus

Melted laddus



Being given a sweet box my father, to distribute every one at home, I open it, laddus are there. In the kitchen I start emptying the laddus on a plate. Mean while, from the stove, a small fraction of chicken curry bounce from its vessel due to heat. I suspect, very very tiny fraction of it may have fallen on the laddus too.

As some of the family members are offering special prayers today, I decide to wash the laddus before serving. I keep the laddus in water filled bowl and have gone out to throw the laddu box into dustbin. I return to find all the laddus are melted in the water.

Horrified by seeing this, I start calling each member of the family to the kitchen room, and ask them to tell my father  that they have eaten them and they are delicious ,even if he doesn't ask. I keep doing this with each and every family member for the fear of seeing my father's anger.

After a while, my father call me in a sarcastic tone, "which laddus you have distributed to all, dear..!!? the laddus I got are given by your mother to our neighbour when she brought us her cow's milk."

I silently understand that, I have mistakenly judged the milk as laddus melted in water. But, what to say now??

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