We kidnapped the bad boy

Juju and Lulu kidnap Seth Cameron, the local badboy...


2. Convinced


“Crap, Lucy what did you do?”

“I know great isn’t it?”

I walked over to him, “You killed Seth Cameron!!”

She snorted, “I did not, I drugged him and tied him to one of your beds.”

I wiped my eyes, practically in hysterics, “Because that’s so much better.”


“Well it was your idea.” She touched one of the knots.

“It was a joke Lucy,” I tried to control my breathing, flicked a glance at the door to make sure no-one was coming.

“Well you should’ve been more clear about that before I went and captured the boy.”

“I winked at you! I winked Lucy, how did you miss that?”

She screwed up her face, “How am I supposed to tell? I was barely awake.”


I groaned, and looked down at Seth, the ropes stretched tight around his shirt. “Still, he is pretty hot.”

Lucy, who’d burst into tears next to me managed a sniffle, “I told you.”

Turning around I gave her a hug, “And you did some good knots as well.”

She cried out her last few tears, “Guess girl scouts came in handy right?”

When she was calm again I turned back to the still unconscious Seth, “Now what the heck are we supposed to do with the unconscious hot guy that’s tied to one of my beds?”

Lucy watched as I ran a hand down the side of his torso.

“You know maybe..” she said.

“Maybe?” I looked up.

Lucy clasped her hands and spoke quickly, “Maybe we could keep him just for a little while?”

“Keep him.”

She pretended to be looking at the ceiling, “Just until the ball.”

“But that’s like kidnapping.”

She twisted her hair. “He’d like it I promise.”

“But his family…”

“Come on Julia, you know he lives with his drop-kick brother.”

I laughed, it wasn’t a humerous one, “We are not kidnapping the school’s hottest boy.”

Lucy was on a roll though, “Come on Juju, it’s not even kidnapping, we’re just giving him a new home. “

I stared around, “Yeah, in my dingy basement.”

“Don’t worry, we’ll make it nice for him. Get him some gynm equipment, maybe a couple of nice rugs.” Lucy stopped and raised her eyesbrows. She knows how much I like rugs.

“I’ll give you money to go buy some rugs for him.”

I groaned, “This is totally illegal.”

She took my hand, “Just think about those rugs Julia, I’m sure he’ll really appreciate being here. I mean we’ll cook for him, clean for him. Do his washing, what more could a man want?”

I flicked my gaze back at the sleeping Seth. “Alright.”

She squealed, “Yes!!! Hot dog!!”

“But only if you let me do the interior decorating. “

She bowed, “Your wish is my command.”

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