11 Years Later...❀️

(Set present day, aka 11 years after Hayley met Dylan)
11 years later and Hayley is working as a police officer back in England. After a messy relationship and last moments with her dad, Hayley decides to pack up and go on holiday for three weeks over in Australia , staying with Her brother Tyler his wife Julia and their kids.
When a familiar face comes back into her life.
What will happen??


7. Part 6 - In TownπŸ’›

Julia and I had gone food shopping but then we went clothe shopping and accessory shopping. (We're women don't judge) We had such a good time!

I had bought many outfits, A new watch, phone case. Loads!


We were in a clothe store making outfits when I saw Scott coming down the escalator! I went bright red!

Hayley- "I'll be right back Im going to have a look at the jeans okay!"

Julia- "Oh okay. I'll be here!"

I ran to the escalator pretending to 'look at jeans'.


I was shopping with my best mate James when I saw a familiar face.

🌟James and I have been friends since pre school, until I moved to England. I was visiting him as I haven't seen him for around 3 years now!🌟

Scott- "James can I meet you by the shoes in a second I just want to have a look at something!"

James- "Yeah sure mate! Don't be to long lol!"

He walked off so I ran to Hayley!

Scott- "you are definitely stalking me!"

We laughed and her sea blue eyes turned to meet mine.

Hayley- "I could argue with that!"

Scott- "What are you doing here anyway?"

Hayley- "I'm visiting my brother and his family. I'm shopping with his wife. What about you? What are you doing here... Scott!"

Scott- "I'm visiting a friend of mine."

I looked over to see James staring and smiling at me and Hayley!

Hayley- "Who? The one who's staring at you like psycho?"

I laughed and nodded.

Scott- "Yep that's him... James!"

Hayley- "You might want to go back to him now. He's looking at us weirdly."

She laughed and a woman started waking over.

??- "Hayley! Look at this jumper I fou.... oh hello!"

She looked at me then to Hayley...then to me again.

Hayley- "Ah that's cool! Scott this is Julia. Julia this is Scott."

Julia- "Hi"

Scott- "Sup, well Hayley I better be going."

Hayley- "Okay, but wait... pass me your phone"

Scott- "Uhm... okay."

She took my phone and created a contact. Hayley added her number. After she had added my number to her phone.

Scott- "Oh nice. Thanks. See ya!"

Hayley- "Bye!"



We had just got home and unpacked the car when George came running by screaming.

Julia ran after him in the lounge.


George- "Dylan... scared me!"

Dylan came flying by.

Dylan- "All I did was put a mask on... which was yours."

He was roaring with laughter. I took my bags to my room and sat down next to the window. I sent a message to Cody saying;

'Hey C,

Landed in Australia okay. Went shopping with my brothers wife, Julia. I meet Dylan O'Brien again, played with my niece and now sending this.

How's you day?'

He quickly sent a text back.


Least the plane trip was okay!

Oooo fancy and WAIT WHAT! Dylan!!!

And again!?

And my days been good, just talking to Rose in hospital!'

I laughed and replied;

'Yes Dylan! I've known him since I was 15 and never told anyone haha sorry!'

I put my phone down because it needed charging. I got up to walk out when I saw Dylan standing there.

Hayley- "Oh my word, you scared the living daylights out of me."

Dylan- "Sorry, I was just wondering if you wanted to talk, go for a walk in the woods?"

I nodded and followed after him.


We were sitting on a bench opposite a lake. The lake was clear and had a beautiful reflection of the sky and clouds. The trees seemed to protect the lake, like it was their child.

Hayley- "It's so beautiful!"

Dylan- "Yeah, I love coming here to relax!"

Hayley- "Don't blame you."

Dylan turned to me.

Dylan- "So how was your day?"

Hayley- "It was good! Bought some things. I had a great day. How about you?"

He looked to the trees.

Dylan- "It was good. George and I had an amazing run."

I looked at him and smiled.

Hayley- "Good!"

Dylan- "So how's your dad?"

Hayley- "He's okay, Josie him and Charlotte still live in the same place and Josie is getting older now so she'll soon be moving out haha!"

Dylan- "I miss being in America"

Hayley- "Then move back! You have enough money."

Dylan- "I could, but I don't like packing!"

We sat there laughing for ages.

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