11 Years Later...โค๏ธ

(Set present day, aka 11 years after Hayley met Dylan)
11 years later and Hayley is working as a police officer back in England. After a messy relationship and last moments with her dad, Hayley decides to pack up and go on holiday for three weeks over in Australia , staying with Her brother Tyler his wife Julia and their kids.
When a familiar face comes back into her life.
What will happen??


6. Part 5 - At Australia๐Ÿ‡ฆ๐Ÿ‡บ

I successfully got through customs without A problem. I saw Tyler waving like a spastic so I ran over and gave him a hug. He doesn't really do hugs but I don't care haha.

Tyler- "Im so glad your here finally!"

We realised and I saw Julia, she gave me a huge hug! Her hugs are way too tight! When we realised, Scott walked by smiling at me. I smiled back as my cheeks turned red.

Tyler- "Who was that?"

Julia raised her eyebrows and smiled.

Hayley- "Just some guy I met on the plane."

We laughed and walked outside.


Tyler took my cases and we followed in. Tyler lived in a beautiful cabin located in the woods. It was a big bungalow type thing. It has a big porch with a blue porch swing. When we walked in there was a long hallway with a large door at the end leading to another hallway. That hallway lead to 6 bedrooms. Other than the front door there was a big wooden door leading to a gorgeous kitchen dinner, the other lead to a massive lounge. I followed Julia into the lounge and was greeted with two children wrapping their arms around me. It was Daisy and Henry!

๐ŸŒŸTheir 6 year old twins but Henry has ginger hair and Daisy has dark brown. They're not identical!๐ŸŒŸ

Daisy- "Auntie Hayley!"

Hayley- "Hey guys!"

I hugged them back and crouched down. As I pulled my back pack off my back and in front of me I said...

Hayley- "Guess what I have for you!"

Henry&Daisy- "PRESENTS!"

I grabbed their presents out and handed them to them. I also handed Tyler and Julia theirs.


Henry- "A RACING CAR!"

They hugged me and ran to their rooms.

Tyler- "Ah nice! A new baseball cap!"

Hayley- "I hope you like it, I had to sit through a whole baseball game for that haha!"

He gave me a hug and put the hat on.

Julia- "A book about the Royals!!"

She gave me a massive hug.

Julia- "Thank you so much!!!"

I smiled and zipped my bag up. I laughed because Julia was standing there reading.

Tyler- "Well we have a surprise for you now!"

Hayley- "Ooo really!"

Julia- "Hang on I'll go get it!"

She winks at Tyler and Tyler takes me so my back is facing the door.

Tyler- "I don't know if your gonna like this?"

Hayley- "Well what is it?"

Julia- "Turn around"

As I turned around, I saw...


I was paralysed, my mouth was touching the floor and tears were filing my eyes.

Dylan- "Hayley!?"

Hayley- "Dylan!?"

More tears covered my face. He walked towards me. I ran to him and gave him a massive hug.

Hayley- "I can't believe this!?"

We let go and I turned to Tyler, I just smiled because no words were forming. We all laughed as I turned back to Dylan.

Hayley- "I can't believe Dylan O'Brien the famous actor is standing in front of me with tears rolling down his eyes and a huge smile on his face."

Dylan- "And I can't believe Hayley Davis is standing in front of after 11 years with tears rolling down her eyes and a huge smile on her face!"

I forced a smile as I gave him a bigger hug!


I realised Dylan and smiled.

Hayley- "Okay why not!"

Before I left to go to her room, I gave Dylan another tight hug. I felt his tears roll down his cheeks.

I ran after Daisy and followed her into a purple room with wallpaper so beautiful. It was a magical enchanted wood with unicorns around and fairies and pixies and it's just wonderful!

She jumped on her bed and grabbed her dolls.


I can't believe I've met her again! She looks so different. She now has light brown hair and her blue eyes twinkled in the light.

Tyler- "Like your surprise?!"

Dylan- "Haha yeah!"

We laughed and sat down.

Dylan- "I want to also say thank you for letting me live here. LA got to crowded and all these fans where banging on my door it was hectic!l

Julia- "I would rather have my baby brother here and safe than at home being bombarded by fan girls."

Tyler- "What she said!"

I gave them a hug each

I walked to the door way of Daisy's room and saw Hayley putting on a weird accent.

Hayley- "Oh please Princess Daisy, please let me fly."

I chuckled and Heard Daisy shout;


I saw Hayley smile at me and she chucked a doll at me. I grabbed it and knelt down next to Hayley.

Daisy- "Sir Dylan, would you like some tea?"

Dylan- "Oh yes please."

We took the dolls to their tables and Daisy fed them cake and tea.

Me and Hayley walked into the hall.

Hayley- "I still can't believe your here! How's the acting going!!"

Dylan- "Its going great! I just finished Maze Runner 3!"

Hayley- "Yeah I heard. Me and my friends were going to go see it. I watched you in Teen Wolf though, you were really good"


He looked down and went red.

Hayley- "But I think I liked Tyler Hoechlin better."

I laughed and so did he.

Dylan- "Now I'm heart broken!"

I walked into my room and sat on the bed. He followed and sat next to me.

Dylan- "I hear your a police officer now!"

I nodded.

Dylan- "Did they really let you have 3 weeks off?"

Hayley- "Yes, my sgt gave me 3 weeks as I'm at work 4 days a week, Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday!"

Dylan- "Blimey, you must be his favourite haha."

I laughed and looked at him in the eyes.

Hayley- "So how's your girlfriend Britt, I heard you guys are dating"

He looked down and frowned.

Dylan- "we broke up"

I didn't half feel bad for mentioning it!

Hayley- "Oh my! I feel so bad I'm so sorry!"

He looked at me and said it was okay. We spoke for a while, just catching up. All of a sudden the room fell silent and we found our selves looking into each other's eyes. His dark brown eyes made me want to stare longer. He moved closer, our breath collided together. Our foreheads touched.

Before anything happened, Henry came running in shouting 'UNCLE DYLAN'.

We quickly moved and stood up.

Dylan- "What's wrong!?"

Henry- "Nothing you silly bean. I wanted to know if you wanted to come running with me and Johnny?"

๐ŸŒŸJohnny is Tyler's Golden Retriever๐ŸŒŸ

Dylan- "I would love to. If you go get changed into running gear, I will as well!"

Henry ran back to his room and Dylan started to walk.

Dylan- "See you later Hayley!"

Hayley- "See you, Dylan!"

I walked out to find Julia.

Hayley- "Hey Julia. Where you going?"

Julia- "Oh hey! I'm just going shopping, wanna come?"

Hayley- "Sure!"

As we walked to the car, Henry ran past followed by Dylan.

Dylan stopped in front of me.

Dylan- "Are you going out?"

Julia- "Yeah, just shopping, need anything?"

Dylan- "Nah I'm going later."

Julia hoped into the car and started the engine.

Dylan- "Have fun!"

Hayley- "will do!"

We smiled and He ran off and I sat in the car. As we drove away Julia looked at me with a big smile.

Julia- "So... you and Dylan again hey."

She winked and pulled up in the car park.

Hayley- "What are you on about?"

Julia- "You guys, hugging and nearly kissing like ooooooo"

We both laughed and got out of the car.

Hayley- "There isn't anything going on between me and Dylan!"

Julia- "Sureeee."

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