11 Years Later...โค๏ธ

(Set present day, aka 11 years after Hayley met Dylan)
11 years later and Hayley is working as a police officer back in England. After a messy relationship and last moments with her dad, Hayley decides to pack up and go on holiday for three weeks over in Australia , staying with Her brother Tyler his wife Julia and their kids.
When a familiar face comes back into her life.
What will happen??


5. Part 4 - Time to Fly๐Ÿ’›


After dropping Jenny and Jacob off at their nans, Cody came to mine for the night as he was dropping me off at the airport tomorrow. I am finally going to Australia!!

When he arrived, he walked in with a huge duffle bag with loads of clothes.

Hayley- "Uhm... going on a road trip Cody??"

Cody- "What? Oh uhm... no just clothes I needed to drop off here if that's okay."

I was suspicious and didn't understand but I nodded and laughed. I showed him his room and everything. He settled in alright. We got an early night. I couldn't sleep, just thinking of everything made my stomach sink! I suddenly got an urge of worry that I didn't pack everything and that I was going to be so unstable on the plane. I didn't know what to do I was so damn scared. I soon got tired of worrying and went back to sleep.

At 12am Cody came running in waking me up.

Cody- "Time to go Sunshine!"

I Rolled out of bed and smashed my head against my bed side cabinet. I groaned and got up. I went to my closet and got changed. I wanted something comfortable. So I chose my dark red sweatpants, White leister jumper, white trainers and a dark red cap. I didn't bother with make up but I did tie my hair up in a bun. Cody had already but my cases in the car, such a gentleman haha. As we got in the car I sent a text to my Sgt saying;

'Hi Sgt,

Thank you for the 3 week holiday! I will bring you back some pressies and that. Leaving now. Sending my love to you and Mrs Ryan.'

I would have knocked on him as he lives next door but it's too early.


We got there at 1:10am. We went to the coffee shop and bought a hot chocolate each and a croissant. We sat at a table close to the window where cars came flying by to go to the parking.

Cody- "I better be going soon because you'll be leaving soon."

Hayley- "I can't believe I'm actually going!!"

Cody- "You better text me and Rose every day!"

I nodded, laughed and took a sip of my drink. As we got up to go, I saw the strong jawed, hazel nut eyed man who I saw in the hospital. He didn't see me but I did get confused! Coincidences right!


I was sitting in the waiting area for my plane. When I looked at my ticket, I had to re look because I didn't realise but it said First Class! Like what!!!

Mic man- "Anyone in the first class seats, may come through now please."

I got up, grabbed my back pack and left. This was it. First time on first class. First time flying to Australia! It's gonna be longgg!


I was just eating my dinner when the cabin crew lady asked if I would answer a quiz. I nodded and took my hat off.

Cabin Lady- "How do you like flying with Virgin so far?"

Hayly- "on a scale of 1 to 10?"

She nodded and smiled.

Hayley- "10"

As she wrote it down, she read another question. Then another. THEN ANOTHER! After that I felt tired. As they took my plates away. I packed everything away. Aka the table, I turned my head to click it and saw that guy again... next to me!! He looked about my age, 26 or 25, and he wore a scruffy black jacket and blue scruffy jeans. I quickly turned my head and sunk into my chair. I was going bright red.


It was 10am in the morning. We were walking off the plane when I heard,

??- "You following me?"

The brown eyed beauty had caught up to me.

Hayley- "I could ask you the same question!"

??- "What's you name?"

Hayley- "It's Hayley, what about you?"

??- "Scott."

Hayley- "Nice to meet you Scott."

Scott- "Nice to meet you Hayley"

We shook hands, smiled and carried on walking.

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