11 Years Later...โค๏ธ

(Set present day, aka 11 years after Hayley met Dylan)
11 years later and Hayley is working as a police officer back in England. After a messy relationship and last moments with her dad, Hayley decides to pack up and go on holiday for three weeks over in Australia , staying with Her brother Tyler his wife Julia and their kids.
When a familiar face comes back into her life.
What will happen??


3. Part 2 - Problems๐Ÿ’›


We were still sitting there worrying. We cancelled the cinema and pizza because we were worried sick about Rose!

๐ŸŒŸRose has been my best friend since she married Cody when I was 23. Ever since then she has been there for me, even when I have been the worst person in the world. She is truly the best friend you could have (except Cody obviously)๐ŸŒŸ

All of sudden a doctor came to us and we quickly stood up. My hand clenched Leon's hand, I was so scared.

Cody- "Is she okay!?"

Doctor- "Rose will be okay but she has to stay in hospital for a month or two. She has broken her legs and an arm so it's much safer for her to stay here."

Cody- "Okay... thank you!"

She walked away and Cody turned to me. He started crying so I took him into a big hug.

Hayley- "Don't worry okay. She's going to be okay. Come on let's get you back!"

We drove Cody back home and Jenny was waiting outside their house with Jacob.

Jenny- "Dad! Where have you been!?"

Cody- "Guys we need to talk. Thanks Hayley!"

Hayley- "No worries!"

I honked and drove off.

Leon- "Is it okay if you drop me off in town please."

Hayley- "Yeah sure. Why?"

Leon- "Just meeting someone"

Hayley- "Oh okay ."

I pulled up in the car park.

Leon- "I'll see you later okay."

He kissed me and leaped out the car.

Hayley- "See ya!"

Well then. Today has been so stressful. Before I started to drive I got a text from Tyler! I haven't spoke to him for a whole year because he has moved to Australia with his wife Julia and his two children, George and Freya.

'Hey sis! How's it going. I need to talk to you. Call me when you free!"

I replied;

'Hey bro! It's going good. And yeah sure. I'm just driving home I'll call you soon!'

I put my phone down and drove home. When I got home, I walked into the hall with a surprise from a hand written letter that was posted through my letterbox. I tore the envelope to read;

'Dear Hayley,

Hey. It's Julia. Julia O'Brien.

How you doing!?

I thought I'd write to you as we haven't spoken in a while.

I was wondering if you wanted to come to Australia for a while to visit me and Tyler.

It would be lovely to see you and I think Tyler would like to see you again.

Get in touch when you can!

Love, Julia'

All of a sudden a plane ticket falls out. Only one. It's for next Thursday! I put it in my bag and I told myself to think about it.


I had an hour phone call with Tyler and Julia, which was amazing. Leon was still not home so I had to throw his dinner away because it went rotten and cold. I decided to go to bed early becAuse I was going to take Jenny and Jacob to school tomorrow because Cody wants to go see Rose. I feel so bad for the kids, knowing they're not having their mum at home must be tragic. I know I felt it when I lived in America for a couple of weeks!

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