Unforgettable - Love Story -

Quinn Diaz was just a normal popular girl at her school. Her best friend was the most popular girl in existence - due to fame. One day Sierra, her best friend, had persuaded her to do something completely evil. Quinn went up to the well-known blind kid at school named Joseph Caddy and shoved a pie in his face. Joseph eventually fought whoever was in front of him and accusing them of pie-facing him. The results ended up with Joseph and Quinn both getting into ISS.

Will something spectacular happen for them? Will they eventually become friends?

(Douglas School Shooting inspired Movella)


10. Chapter 9

Quinn’s POV


    We are going to school with Dale as my driver. He owns a black Honda civic that can fit eight people. So, in the back is Theo and Alex. Sierra usually gets a fancy ride to school her parents paid for to make sure she doesn’t get murdered. Darn famous people.
    I look in the rearview mirror at Theo and Alex. Theo has his pink sweatshirt hoodie over his hair and is listening to music through his headphones, and Alex is doing the same. It is rainy outside which causes the mood to be gloomier than usual.
“Thank god it’s raining,” I say as I look over at Dale, “We needed it.”
    His eyes turn to me and he smiles, I can tell it’s forced. Then he turns back to the road, giving me silent treatment. Yes, I know I did something completely messed up, but I love Dale a lot. I don’t want our relationship to go downhill.
    I check the rearview again to see if they’re still listening to music and not paying attention to us, then I begin to speak.
“Dale, what’s going on with us?” I ask, resting my hand on the hand that’s not driving. He rests it on the arm rest.
“I don’t know, you tell me.” He stares straight ahead, steering with one hand and resting his other undermine.
“Look, I know what I did was horrible, I get it. It was a huge mistake and I would do anything to ask for your respect again.” My voice whines. Dale scoffs and shakes his head as he yanks his hand away.
“Is that all? You think some blind kid is going to make me mad?”
    Well...Joseph did beat the living hell out of him. I assumed that me causing him to do that is the reason Dale currently hates me. If it’s not the Joseph situation...then what is it? I put my hand back in my lap, looking ashamed.
“What else is it? You obviously know what the answer is.” I am annoyed as of right now. Dale just keeps mumbling to himself and scoffing. I’ve seen him mad before, so I know he’s about to rant.
“Jesus Christ Quinn, you are so fucking clueless. We’ve been dating for a long time and I can name a million guys who think you’re hot. We’ve been dating for two years and I’m not even allowed to talk to you on the phone without your mom going crazy. We’ve been dating for two years ever since you were a sophomore and we still haven’t had sex.”
    What? I jerk back a little and shake my head. My black hair hangs over my shoulder, but now, I’m getting a little heated. Dale has been avoiding me and acting strange because we haven’t had sex?
“Because we haven’t had sex.” I say, “Wow.”
“Don’t forget the other points I mentioned.” He reminds me. Because a million guys think I’m hot, and we’re not allowed to talk on the phone.
“So, what, you gonna break up with me?” I sass, really annoyed now.
“Wait what –“
“You heard me correctly.”
    I can feel tears forming in my eyes, but I don’t want to cry. All of my flaws are really affecting the way he thinks of me? That’s so fucking stupid. If he really did love me, he wouldn’t care about my flaws. We haven’t had sex because I’m simply not ready. We can’t talk on the phone because I have a mother with crazy rules. Finally, if guys think I’m hot, be proud to call me yours.
“Get wrecked.” Alex mumbles from the back. I turn around and smack his leg. He gives me a sarcastic pout and rubs his leg.
“What?” Theo asks, pulling out his headphones totally confused. I roll my eyes as I see the school ahead of us.
“Nothing important,” I reply as my hand grasps the door handle and I open it, jumping out and surprisingly not falling.
“WHAT THE HELL QUINN!” Theo shouts from the window. Dale slows down.
“I just want to walk the rest of the way.” I lie, it’s raining, shit – I didn’t think about that. My cute outfit is suddenly ruined. Yay.
“If you want to walk, then so do I.” Alex says, jumping out of the moving car as well. The only difference is, he falls on the ground.
    I quickly rush to Alex’s assistance while Dale still drives. I flip him over and he smiles at me with his stupid little half-Latino self. Alex’s skin was tan – like really tan. His hair is a dirty blonde though. I look into his baby blue eyes and shake my head.
“You are definitely something.”
“I know.” He replies as I hoist him up. Dale’s car is just a few feet ahead.
“Will you guys get back in the car?” Theo asks, getting annoyed.
“Leave them, if they want to walk a block or two, they can.” Dale snarks. What is his deal. It’s like he’s changed or something.
    The black Honda civic blasts off ahead of us and takes a right turn. It’s pouring, and my makeup probably sucks right now. Alex takes off his backpack and digs for something. In his bag, he pulls out a blue and black striped umbrella and pops it open. Soon, a rain resistant sheet is hovering over me and Alex sticks his headphones back in – well one headphone. Confusion rushes through my head. Alex is letting rain hit him over his green hoodie, and hovering his umbrella over me?
“Well, aren’t you gonna take it?” He asks me, gesturing my hand to the umbrella. I take it and give him a thoughtful and confused smile.
“Thanks? Why did you decide to come with me?” I ask him. We walk down the side of the street as people drive by and honk.
“Because that’s what friends do, right? I know you guys just think I’m dumb or whatever, but I have a heart.”
“Well, thanks for coming with me.” I thank as the rain starts to hit harder. Alex bobs his head up and down and starts to look at the pavement beneath us to prevent the water from going into his eyes.
“No problem, I heard the whole conversation between you and Dale.” After he says that, everything starts to get a little awkward.
“Oh – I thought you – “
“Nah, my mom disables my music app during school because then I won’t listen to the teacher.”
“Oh.” I reply with amusement. Alex has a pretty interesting life.
    From what I can remember, Alex’s mom is CEO of some cereal company, and Alex’s dad is an astronaut about to head to mars soon. Both of his parents are very well-known people and are really strict. Somehow, they’ve managed to raise a son who’s not smart academically, but he is a good person.
    I grab Alex’s arm and stop him. He stops confused. I smile at him with a pout and wrap my arms around his waist, pulling him into a hug. Alex never get’s the respect he usually deserves because of the way he is, but he’s not a bad person.
“What are you doing...?” He asks in a skeptical way. Alex doesn’t really hug me back, but he just kind of pats my back awkwardly.
“Alex, I just want you to know, you are loved. All of us – all of your friends, we love you dearly. So, if you think that all we think of you is that you’re ‘stupid’ we don’t. Deep down, we know you’re caring person and we’re happy to have you around.”
    When I was talking, I noticed Alex’s arms were slowly pulling me into hugging position. His head is buried into my shoulder although he is a lot taller than me, and the umbrella is over us both right now. Suddenly, I hear him sniffle.
“Wait – are you crying?” I ask him with a laugh. I try and pull away to see his face, but Alex won’t let go.
“N – no...”
“Aww!” I gush as I pull him in tighter.
    It’s been a long three years with this kid. We’ve had many ups and downs. Finally, he’s gotten the attention and love he deserves.
    I sit in the ISS room right next to Joseph. He’s staring straight at the wall ahead of him not saying anything. I look at him with a disgusted look. He’s always so intimidating. To cure my own boredom, I pull out the assignments that My teachers assigned me for the next three months. We’re supposed to use our school computers to understand what we’re learning.
“Algebraic equations lesson 196,” The computer says.
    I listen and begin to take notes. Joseph turns to me and looks me straight in the face. I look straight back at him. He looks really annoyed.
“What?” I ask in a sassy tone.
“Don’t you own a pair of headphones?” He replies making feel stupid. Why don’t I just use headphones?
“I do –“ I say, digging my hand in my bag only to find, my headphones are missing, “But they’re not in here.”
    As I keep searching my bag, Joseph throws something at my face. I look up and blow a strand of hair out of my face. The thing he threw was a pair of earbuds that are white. I plug them into my computer and insert them into my ears.
“Wow, no, thank you?” He says, making me look bad again. I hate this kid.
“I don’t think you deserve one.”
“That’s rude.” He replies, crinkling his forehead. The creases make him look like an angry old man.
“I’m the rude one?”
“As of right now, yes.”
“Oh, shut-up.”
“You know, I’d say make me – but clearly you aren’t capable of doing simple tasks.”
    That statement shut me up real quick. I look down into my lap which is a bright pink skirt. I think I’m going to kill myself. I am seriously hoping to find a knife somewhere, or some pills, maybe even a gun? Who knows.
    The rain ticks against the glass and all I can think of if how shitty the next three hours of school will be. The only source of entertainment I have in here is my computer and Joseph. I examine him once again and realize he’s actually attractive – but he’s got a cold heart.
“Open the window.” He demands without asking. I give him a look and tuck a strand of hair behind my ear.
“Why?” I ask him, crossing my legs now.
“I like the sound of rain.”
“Then do it yourself.” My head turns back to my computer and I continue to watch boring equations fly by.
“Fine.” He says.
    I watch as He stands up and prepares his cane to find the window. He pokes it around, accidentally hitting the front desk and keeps going. Now I feel bad. Being around Joseph gives me an emotional rollercoaster attack. One minute I’m calm, another second, I’m angry, then I feel bad all of the sudden.
    He finally reaches the window and attempts to open it. This is the saddest thing I have ever seen in my life, and my boyfriend just broke up with me a few hours ago. Why does he have to make me feel things? God. Okay. I walk over to his helpless self as his hand finally reaches the lock. I move his fingers so that the lock moves along with his. Then, I drag his arm to the bottom, so he can pull it up. He doesn’t seem to be getting the memo.
“Pull it up.” I reluctantly say out loud.
“Yeah – I know.” He replies in an annoyed tone.
    Finally, the window pops up and the sound of rain crescendos. Wow, such a satisfying noise. I still hate this kid though. Just because I did something good, doesn’t mean I automatically like him. He’s a spoiled douche and I must remember that. I begin to walk back to my seat.
“When I was younger,” He starts, still standing by the window, “My dad and I used to go everywhere in the rain.”
    I turn around awkwardly and just walk up beside him. What am I supposed to say? “Oh cool.” Instead, I say nothing and just listen to the noise of the drops hitting the ground and focus on the scent.
“I went everywhere with him because he worked in a huge office building, and I wanted to be just like the bug guy, right? I mean who wouldn’t want to be a millionaire? Everything was so real.” His voice get’s softer and sounds caring. I listen to the rest of the story.
“One day, we almost entered the building until this heartless man came up and started to try and mug us.” He chuckles and turns towards me. Funny how he can tell where I am.
“Then guess what happens next?” He says it in the way that you would if you were telling a funny story, “The guy stabbed him sixteen times taking his life after he took the money. We were in an alley and the man just looked at me.”
    Wow, I had no idea Joseph had to go through all of that. Something like this can be hard, but it gives you no excuse to be a total dip shit. Is he trying to make peace? I feel like this is all moving a little too fast. Thunder and lightning flashes before our – my eyes.
“I’m sorry...” I say, resting my hand on his shoulder. He smirks and turns to me, causing my hand to slip off.
“Want to know what comes next?”
“The guy splashed a mixture of bleach and god knows what in my face. That’s why I can’t see. Now I can only see white things clearer than most.” His voice trails off and I feel terrible.
“Wow, that must have been horrible,” I say, trying to relate.
“Yeah, and the best part,” He pauses and adjusts his collar, “He reminds me an awful lot of you.”
    A pang of guilt, anger, and sadness just flushes through my chest. I made him reminisce his past. His dad died in front of him and he was blinded in the process. What can I do to just make peace with him? He just compared me to a murderer!


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