Unforgettable - Love Story -

Quinn Diaz was just a normal popular girl at her school. Her best friend was the most popular girl in existence - due to fame. One day Sierra, her best friend, had persuaded her to do something completely evil. Quinn went up to the well-known blind kid at school named Joseph Caddy and shoved a pie in his face. Joseph eventually fought whoever was in front of him and accusing them of pie-facing him. The results ended up with Joseph and Quinn both getting into ISS.

Will something spectacular happen for them? Will they eventually become friends?

(Douglas School Shooting inspired Movella)


9. Chapter 8

Joseph’s POV

    This morning is the same old routine as always. I get up, stand on the rug, and head down to breakfast. As I pass Jenny’s room, she’s blasting some stupid boy pop band that I don’t really care about. I know deep somewhere inside of my tiny little heart, there’s some love for Jenny Caddy somewhere in there. After all, she does have my blood.
“Joseph!” Mom greets as I reach the bottom steps. Every morning about right on the third step from the bottom, I meet my mom.
“What?” I say, hitting the floor now. She chuckles and links her arm in mine. Keep in mind, I am still currently in my Pajama’s
“Guess who came to visit this morning?” Her voice seems perkier than usual. I crinkle my brows in confusion. Who would come and visit us this early in the morning? I have had my alarm set to 6:30 am every day for the past three years.
“Leon Garner from school!”
    Leon Garner from school. Now that she mentions it, I’m not surprised at all that Leon came to visit this morning. Leon is one of the kids with down syndrome at school. He is a pretty cool dude when you get to know him. We became friends as soon as they placed me in the Special Ed room. He and I got along pretty well. Disclaimer, I still use the special Ed room, but I only go in there during the third period.
    Mom drags me into a room where I can hear Jacki and Leon having a friendly chat. I know this room is the living room.
“Cha-kee?” He says.
“Yes, Leon?” She answers.
“Where’s J?” He asks her. I hold back a giggle and walk towards his sound. I crouch down behind the couch where he is sitting. Mom whispers, “Have fun.” Before leaving.
“I don’t know where Master J is.”
“Dammit! I want to talk to him.”
    He starts asking Jacki more questions. I hover my hand over my mouth hoping not to make a sound. Leon sighs heavily and aggressively plops against the couch. I pop up and find his shoulders. He gasps, and I smile at him. Even though I can’t really see anything but blurs, I don’t ever have a hard time communicating.
“J! Why did you scare me like that?!” He exclaims in a serious tone. I laugh and jump over the couch and seat next to him. I know my house too well.
“Because friends scare each other.” I answer, taking a pause, “So, what’s up?”
“Woah...” He says with amusement in his voice. I smirk with a confused face.
“’Woah’ what?”
“Your eyes...Are buddy-full!”
    I blush and look down with a grin. I forgot I’m not wearing my sunglasses. One time, mom told me my eyes look amazing. Too bad I’ll never know what they look like.
“Oh, I bet yours are better,” I say, smirking and lightly punching him. He groans and says,
“But yours are cooler.”
“How so?”
“Yours are like green and gway – wait, gween, gway, and blue.”
    Were they really? Last time I remember, I had green eyes, curly black hair, freckles, and pale skin. I may have changed, but I know I still have short hair because I get it trimmed every two weeks.
“What color are yours?” I ask him. He pauses to think as he hums.
“I tink, bwown.”
“I wish I had brown eyes.” I lie, trying to make him feel comfortable with the way he is.
    Okay, okay, I’ll admit it. I have a soft spot for the unfortunate kids. Every third period, I experience a soft and innocent person who is just like me. All they need is a little love – maybe that’s what I need too. Too bad I won’t see them for another three months because of that stupid Quinn girl. She’s probably as ugly as her heart.
“Wanna twade?” He asks, trying to bargain with me.
“I wish I could, but probably not right now.”
    The doorbell rings and once again, someone is at the door before 7:00. I give an annoyed look at the door then face Leon.
“Hey, will you answer the door?”
“Ye.” He replies, and his body shifts off the couch.
    I sit and wait, resting my feet on the glass coffee table. I hear Leon’s heavy footsteps head towards our hug double door. The handle rattles and the hinges barely creak. I listen to Leon’s conversation with the person at the door.
“Hi...” A familiar voice that sounds like Ellie’s replies. I jump off the couch instantly, hitting my knee on the coffee table.
“J, there’s a pwetty girl at the doow!” Leon shouts from the door. I make a sizzling sound through my teeth and say,
“Yea, just let her in!”
    Shit, I just hurt myself. I try and hoist myself back up on the couch before she see’s me. I let go of my knee and sit up as straight as possible. Then I remember I’m still in my pajamas and I don’t have my glasses. Well, it’s not like what I look like matters, she’s seen me fully stripped before.
“Hey, Ellie.” I greet with a fake smile.
“Hey – who’s this cutie?” She asks with a chuckle. Leon laughs, and I can feel the blushes on his cheeks just through the air.
“I’m Leon Gawner – but you can call me daddy.”
    I bite my bottom lip and hold back laughter. After about five seconds, I give up and let out the most spitting laughter ever. Ellie kind of lets out an uncomfortable laugh, but that’s okay. I am the one who taught Leon to use the, “But you can call me daddy” line. He’s been picking up chicks ever since.
“What Leon means is, he’s happy to meet you.” I correct. My hand pats at the seat next to me and Ellie sits her cute ass down. I don’t know what she looks like, but Leon says she’s pretty, that must mean she is.
“Exactly.” Leon agrees, slapping my knee. I put my hand on his hand that is currently resting on my knee. We hold hands like a gay couple as I talk to Ellie.
“Okay, so you’re the second person to visit me this morning, what’s up?”
“I came to talk about the other night...” She says. This time, she lowers her voice and nudges her head at Leon, who seems to be listening in perfectly. Realization hits me like a rock and I come up with something to distract him.
“Hey Leon, there’s ice-cream in the freezer. You can go eat some in the kitchen if you want.”
“Okay!” He shouts as he runs quickly to the kitchen.
    Ellie giggles. Her giggles are so cute. She’s cute, and I don’t know what she looks like. I grope her top thigh and lean in to start kissing her neck.
“Joey – “She protests, pulling my hand off. What’s the problem?
“What?” I ask, annoyed.
“Look, the other night was a mistake. I thought about it...and I’m supposed to be your mentor, not your – whatever I am.”
“My mentor.” I correct.
“No, I haven’t been acting like a mentor. I’ve been acting like your –“She pauses then resumes her talking, “Sex buddy.”
“Sex buddy?”
“Yea, sex buddy.” Her voice sounds kind of pissed. I rest my hands on her thigh again and squeeze it before letting go.
“That’s not what I thought of you as.”
“Really?” She asks, grabbing my hand.
“Yeah. You’re the only girl I have had feelings for in three years. Every other girl – well they’re sex buddies to me – but you,” I scoot closer to her. My lips brush against her ear,
“I thought we were something different.”
    She lets out a slight moan and turns to kiss me. She pulls away quickly and scoots away, letting go of my hand.
“You need to stop doing that.” She requests of me. I laugh.
“Stop what?” Now I’m pissed off.
“Being so damn charming.”
    Ellie creeps up on me and grabs my thigh. Then she gets higher – higher – finally to my waist buttons. What was I going to get, a blowjob? Possibly a handy? She unbuttons –
“Hey, guys – “Leon jumps in and interrupts. Ellie quickly jerks her hand away and scoots away. I’m praying in my head that Leon didn’t see what was going on.
“Yes?” I ask, trying to cover up the fact that Ellie and I almost had sex for the second time.
“I was going to invite you to the ice thing I found – but obwiously you guys –“
“No, I was just leaving,” Ellie states, looking ashamed. I grunt and let my head fall back.
    I love Leon, but I also really like Ellie. Today is Saturday and tomorrow is Sunday. Next thing you know, here comes Monday. I won’t get either of Ellie or Leon then.
Fuck my life.



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