Unforgettable - Love Story -

Quinn Diaz was just a normal popular girl at her school. Her best friend was the most popular girl in existence - due to fame. One day Sierra, her best friend, had persuaded her to do something completely evil. Quinn went up to the well-known blind kid at school named Joseph Caddy and shoved a pie in his face. Joseph eventually fought whoever was in front of him and accusing them of pie-facing him. The results ended up with Joseph and Quinn both getting into ISS.

Will something spectacular happen for them? Will they eventually become friends?

(Douglas School Shooting inspired Movella)


12. Chapter 11

Quinn’s POV


            Sierra and I are casually walking around old town. Old town is just an old part of Fort Collins that’s mainly used to display boutiques and bars and what-not. Sierra flaunts her cute maroon colored body-hugger dress. Her brown hair is flowing around in the wind. My outfit consisted of skinny jeans, gray wedges, and a laced light purple tube top.

            Today is the day of the music festival. Everyone around town gathers on a breezy Wednesday after school to celebrate the art of music while eating food and shopping. normally we would be with Theo or Alex, but they said to meet them at a local pub after we’re done shopping.

Bonjour,” She greets her favorite clerk that owns a designer shop.

“Bonjour! I see you two are looking very pretty today!” He shouts back from behind us. We stop and turn around with smiles,

“Thanks, Javier!” I wave and we both walk away.

            I feel a pang of happiness flood through me. The diversity of music is booming all around us. Sierra and I aren’t fighting. Everything just seems so calm –

“Oh look,” Sierra pauses and grabs my arm, “It’s Ellie.”

            I evert my attention to a tan skinned red-headed girl sniffing flowers. She is wearing a flowered romper, with a straw floppy hat with some strappy sandals. Totally hippie. I glance over at Sierra who is smiling. Seriously, we need to be friends with Ellie or something. It’ kind of funny how every time Ellie is around, Sierra is happy.

“Seriously,” I start as Sierra drags me, “What is it with her that makes you so peachy?”

            Sierra rolls her eyes with a smirk, scoffing in the process.

“What, I can’t be happy to see my first ever American friend?”

            So that pretty much answers my question. Ellie must be the first-person Sierra knew when she came to America. Well, Sierra came to America for the first time back when she was twelve. I didn’t know Sierra back then, I only knew of her parents.

“Ellie! Hey, funny bumping into you here,” Sierra laughs, drawing her into a hug. I smile and just wave because I’m not that close to her.

“Sierra – wow your outfit looks amazing – you must be Quinn.” Her voice sounds very low and uneasy.

            What is it about me that makes people think twice? I’m just a normal girl with an interesting life and I try and keep myself plus everything else together. Something isn’t adding up, or I’m just paranoid about my surroundings.

            I itch my wrists like I do normally when I’m anxious, bored, concerned, or whatever emotion in existence. The scratch makes a sand-paper like noise because my arm is so darn dry. My cheeks force into a smile again as I listen to the two third -wheel me like a hard-core rejection. They seem to get along so well, then, there’s me.

“Hey, so – do you want to head down to the pub?” I ask them both, attempting to join in the conversation. Both of their heads ort of reluctantly turn to me like they feel bad or something.

“Sorry – can’t, I’m waiting for Joey” Ellie says, rubbing Sierra’s arm before hugging her. I watch Sierra’s face and her eyebrow is pretty cocked.

“You like him?” Sierra asks, crossing her arms and slowly gravitates towards me. I smirk and cross my arms too.

“Yeah, he’s my boyfriend.”

            Sierra looks at me with this electric fence shocked look on her face. Did she not know they were dating before? I knew because all Joseph ever does is brag about it. Plus, they practically suck faces before ISS. I roll my head back and rest on my neck rolls – yeah, I know, I’m weird.

“You didn’t know?” I ask her. She still has the shocked look on her face and has wide eyes as well. I grab her shoulders and shake her. It doesn’t seem to work, so I start to snap my finger in her face.

“Sierra...?” Ellie scoots closer and starts to snap in her face too.

            Finally, Sierra shakes her head and smiles with a little chuckle. Her cheeks turn a bright red as she scratches the back of her head. Ellie scratches the back of hers and I scratch mine too because it seems to be the ongoing trend.

“Sorry, I was just so dumbfounded by this. I didn’t know you found attraction towards people like him.” Sierra clasps her hands together.

“Blind people?”

“No – I mean rude disrespectful jerks.” Sierra continues, resting her hands on her hips.

“Hmm, well then,” Ellie’s voice get’s softer in a sarcastic way, “I guess we have different tastes.”

“Maybe, I’m looking out for a long-time friend Ellie. Don’t make the mistake again.” finishes off the conversation with a pursed lip sneer and whip her hair, snapping her fingers at me to follow her.

            Mistake again? What? Geez, these two are keeping so much from me I’m like a stray dog. Obviously, it’s really none of my business, but sometimes girls gotta know! It’s best not to ask her about it though, in the sassy mood she somehow managed to snap back into.

Sierra most-likely would be the type to start her own cult. I mean, she hates Joseph Caddy so much, she would probably hire assassins to kill him. The thought of this is starting to give me a migraine. But luckily, we finally reach the pub Theo and Alex wanted to meet us at.

            We walk in and it’s fairly full. So full, it’s hard to find a sharp jawline black haired tall boy that looks exactly like me, and a semi-tall blonde boy with really dark skin – preferably Mexican. We stop in our tracks and whip our heads around looking for the two.

            Finally, in the back corner at a roundtable booth with Theo, Alex, Joseph’s minions – and Dale? Quite the combination if you ask me. I shake my head aggressively. Sierra smiles and waves while taking a step forward. I grab her arm and pull her back into place before she can proceed to another step. She gives me the death stare.

“What?” She scolds through gritted teeth.

“Dale’s over there – and Joseph’s pornographic minions.” I stutter a bit, glancing over every once in a while. Tuck and Geo keep chugging something, and Harvey is sitting working on something like homework.

“So? He’s your boyfriend.” Sierra yanks her arm out of mine and grabs mine instead, doing the exact same thing I did to her.

“About that – “I stop and pull away, causing her to turn around frustrated, “Dale broke up with me in the car a couple days ago.” My mouth blurts. I cover my mouth and squint my brown eyes.

            Shit. I seriously just told her what happened. Now, she’s going to be mad at me for not telling her sooner. I un-squint my eyes and notice her head is tilted to the side in a confused manner. Her mouth opens like she’s about to yell at me, but I act quickly.

“I was going to tell you sooner –“


“Why?” I ask.

“Like – why did you guys break up?”

            A sigh of relief fills me as I signal her to an empty table by some kids from another high school. Sierra looks back twice before deciding if she should sit in listen. Luckily, she sits. I look around to see if anyone is listening, but it’s too crowded for us to be ever so important.

“We were in the car –“I am cut off by an unfamiliar voice.

“OH, MY GOD! ARE YOU SIERRA LA’FAIR?!” One of the kids from the table next to us shouts. Sierra rolls her eyes, then turns around with a fake ass smile.

“Yes.” Her voice perks, obviously not realistically, but she’s trying to keep her reputation high on the media. School is the only place she can really act herself.

            I lean my head on my elbows and wait for her to stop talking to her fans. Eventually, the drunk guy will come, and I’ll order one. When Sierra meets a fan, it takes up to three years to gain her attention again.


“Really? That’s magnificent – “She pauses then glances back at me for .2455453 seconds, “Please continue your story, I’m listening.”

            I clear my throat and begin to speak as a tiny table crowds Sierra, bombarding her with questions.

“So, anyways, he said it was hard when I couldn’t call him – “


“Yes, my mother is a very sweet person.” Sierra lies, signing things as well. I continue my story even though she’s having to listen to more than five people at once.

“Apparently a lot of guys think I’m hot and it bothers him-“


“Sorry – I can’t really answer that.” She chuckles then nods her head at me as a signal to keep talking.

“The third reason is – “Before I can finally explain to her the third, horrible, selfish, stupid reason, I get cut off again.




“Okay, calm down all of you. No, I am not dating Dylan Sprayberry, I am in a relationship with the same guy the media thought I broke up with years ago – I don’t want to talk about my dad – I don’t know, because I’m a normal human being?”

“Because we haven’t had sex.”

            Sierra’s shocked eyes turn around to me as she drops her signing pen dramatically. The kids she is talking to tilt their heads around her to look at me. Geez, the spotlight – how bright. I tuck a hair strand behind my ear with a guilty look on my face.

“Oh – “

“No – “

“He – “

“Didn’t – “One of them finishes.

“Are you serious?” Sierra asks me, shooing away her fans that randomly joined in on the conversation.


Sierra crosses her arms and pouts her bottom lip. I am sitting down as I helplessly copy her actions. She takes a seat across from me and flips her long brown hair over her shoulder. I can feel a pang of guilt and sadness flush through me.

“He can’t do that. That’s disrespectful and cheer season is about to start – you won’t have a designated lacrosse player!” Sierra pouts with a squeak.

“Well...I can manage...I can take Alex?”

“Alex is already taken by Christine Edwards.”


“Theo is going with me.” She states – obviously.




“Taken by Jenny Caddy.”


Geez, I don’t know about him.”

            We sit and ponder who will be my designated lacrosse player. The reason each cheerleader needs a lacrosse player is because during game events we always do a special dance and each girl has a partner. Lacrosse season starts before cheer, but as soon as cheer comes on, the dancing begins. Sierra stands up and holds her delicate hand out to me.

“Grab my hand,”

“What why – “I stutter-ask while reluctantly taking her hand.

“We’re going to make him jealous.”

            She drags me out to the dance floor and signals me to wait as she bends over the bar counter and requests a song. The guy smiles as she slips him a twenty from her shirt and plays the song. Before I can even decipher life, Sierra comes shimmying towards me while the song, “New Rules” by Dua Lipa begins to play.

“Oh god – you really – “

“Just dance.” She orders me, shaking her body left and right ever so quickly.

            I watch as she does. Sierra moves her hips like I’ve never seen before. I try and copy, but with my shoulders swaying too. Eventually, we keep dancing together – by together, I mean literally grind city. I take my time and evert my eyes at Dale’s table. He is looking at me. So is Theo – gross look away you. Except, Theo has a look of discomfort.

            I watch as Dale whispers something into Alex’s ear and Alex looks at me too. He has a concerned look on his face while Dale has a mischievous look on his face.


A/N: Hey guys, sorry this is late, but things are getting juicy!

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