Unforgettable - Love Story -

Quinn Diaz was just a normal popular girl at her school. Her best friend was the most popular girl in existence - due to fame. One day Sierra, her best friend, had persuaded her to do something completely evil. Quinn went up to the well-known blind kid at school named Joseph Caddy and shoved a pie in his face. Joseph eventually fought whoever was in front of him and accusing them of pie-facing him. The results ended up with Joseph and Quinn both getting into ISS.

Will something spectacular happen for them? Will they eventually become friends?

(Douglas School Shooting inspired Movella)


2. Chapter 1



   It was Wednesday. A Wednesday in the month of January. I don’t mean to be too specific, but I feel like description is my only topic right now. I walk down the streets of Fort Collins Colorado. It’s clean - to my judgement of course. In Fort Collins, it’s not quiet at all. It’s more of a college town. Everything here is surrounded by people around the age of nineteen and twenty-one.

   I, on the other hand, am not the age of a college student. My name is Quinn Diaz. I’m a Junior at Jaxon high school which doesn’t make me the age of a college student, but Juniors sure can act like college students. All I can say about my town is, we’re clean, routey, and definitely different.

   I’m sixteen now and my mom has been harassing me to get a job for weeks. No, a week is an understatement. She’s been harassing me for about a year now. I’ve been looking everywhere and I can’t find a single freaking job I’m capable of. The town of Fort Collins is full of many restaurants, local jobs, grocery stores, and clothing stores.

I wish I was with my boyfriend Dale right now. He's quite the cutie if you ask me. Dale is a Senior at JHS and just happens to be the most attractive thing on this planet. Well - to me at least.

  I meet my best friend Sierra La’Fair on her way to her mother's boutique. Sierra is a foreign exchange student from Paris France. Her dad is that famous music producer Sean La’Fair. Sierra’s mother is a Vogue model who owns a boutique in town. Sierra is only here for her high school career so after next year, she’s out of here. Gone.

“Bonjour Quinny!” Sierra greets, kissing both my cheeks off guard. I return her kisses as she gives them to me.

“Hey Sierra, how are your plans for your parent's dinner coming?” I ask her, pulling out my phone as a reflex. Sierra’s mood went from one-hundred to zero real quick.

“Papa says he’ll try to make it, but mama says she promises she’s going to make it even if her life depends on it!”

“I’m glad,” I say with a smile. She scowls at me and rests her hands on her curvy hips.

“No - you don’t get it, Quinn. Papa and Mama are liars. They say that every time but blow me off every time.”

“Sierra, I promise they’ll make it to the dinner. You don’t exactly have the most present parents…” I say, patting her back. Sierra looks at her tiny french feet and jerks forward.

“I will show no mercy for as long as I live. This is just a tiny portion of it, Quinn. Hmph.” She sasses, sashaying towards the vogue store.

   Sierra is stunning. She had dark brown straight hair, a perfect nose, long eyelashes, and don’t get me started on her perfect complexion. My brother tells me it’s a French thing, I think it’s just Sierra. She is always dressed in similar stuff that I was wearing. Stuff like, cute skirts, dresses, floral shirts, designer shirts, heels, heel boots, and practically everything that’s so freaking adorable.

“Anyway Quinn, I feel as if you need a emploi.” Sierra says in French, pulling her sunglasses out of her eyes and on her head as we walk into her mother's boutique.

“I need a job? How many people are going to tell me that?” I ask, pulling my glasses over my own dark hair.

   I look nothing like Sierra. The only similarity we had was our dark long hair. I had green eyes, and I was shorter than her. She was an only child, while I had a twin brother named Theo. Theo and Sierra are dating. He’s her, “Amant américain de longue durée.” which means “American long-lasting lover” in French.

“Quinn it’s about time you start being more productive..” She assures again, this time walking into automatic doors to the boutique.

“Productive…?” I ask as I follow behind her.

   When we enter the boutique, there are designer clothes everywhere. I’d say that the room was really big and it wasn’t super small. Everything was lavender purple except for the floors - which were golden tiled. There are little aisles of clothing on little boutique racks. In the far left corner, there is a private room door that only Sierra’s family and friends have access to.

   When we reach the door, loud runway music started to fill the air. I entered and there were at least 10 models on the catwalk with bizarre - almost awful, outfits. I hate to think this, but Zina La’Fair outfit designs are horrible. I guess it’s coming from me because I am absolutely obsessed with fashion.

   I guess I can’t really say that they’re Zina’s designs. She hires aspiring designers to create outfits for her... It’s like her own clothing line that pretty much sucks. No offence.

“Hello, Mama.” Sierra greets, approaching her mother Zina who was sitting in a judging chair. Zina did nothing but maybe murmur “Mm.” to Sierra and me.

“Stop - stop please.” Zina rolls her golden brown eyes and scribbles furiously on her paper.

“What’s wrong?” One of the models on stage who was wearing a bizarre green spiky dress asks. All of the other models break position and start getting back into shape.

“I don’t like any of these! First I have a spiky green urchin, then a fluffy pink cloud? What are we, a cartoon?” Zina fumes, waving everybody off stage.

“Zina…?” I say, breaking her frustration. Zina finally looks at me, then at Sierra and grins. She stood up to reveal how tall she was. Zina was at least 6’0 tall and very skinny. She looked just like Sierra but only so much older.

“Hello, girls. What are you doing here?” She asks, peering at me as if I was a paper on her desk.

“Oh mama, you know, the usual. Quinn and I are here to help you judge your show!” Sierra perks, standing on her tippy toes and then back on her feet.

“Sierra, I already found someone to help me.” She pauses, calling a name into the room, “Theodore!”

   Within 10 seconds, a tall teenage boy with jet black hair, green eyes, and a sharp jawline. Was he wearing - makeup? Clown makeup. Matter of fact, this wasn’t just any ordinary teenage boy. This was my twin brother, Theo.

“What is up, ladies?” He greets with a cheesy smile. “Like my makeup?” Theo flashes us his face which is full of exotic makeup.

“Theo? You’re Zina’s assistant judge?” I ask, laughing a little. Theo looked like an insane person. Sierra smirks at the sight of Theo.

“Wow, Theo - You’re looking interesting…” Sierra snickers, sashaying closer to him.

“Well if I look interesting, you’re supposed to know I look interesting for you.” He laughs, sweeping her up into a kiss. Zina smiles and I grit my teeth with a nervous, “Get me out of here.” smile.

“Okay...get a room please…” I suggest, waving at them to signal that I still exist.

   Basically, to sum up their relationship, Sierra transferred to our school 2 years ago. I was her first friend and her best. Long story short, she met my twin brother who happened to be quite the player back then. They started dating in freshman year, then in sophomore, she made Theo vow to commit. Now they’re this super up close and personal type of couple.

“Anyway, what are you doing here Theo?” I ask, crossing my arms in the process.

“Isn’t it obvious?” Theo replies, waving his arms around his surroundings. Oh yeah, right.

“So what, you want to be a model now? Whatever happened to flying spaceships?” I ask, shooting him a wide grin. Theo shrugged and slightly glanced at Zina.

“She suggested I would be a great model with my jawline and ‘exquisite’ looks.”

   Zina La’fair was the type of woman who got what she wanted when she wanted it. Theo has had this obsession with flying spaceships since he was able to talk. I thought his space obsession was just going to be a phase, but he stuck with it all the way up to age 16. Suddenly Zina La’Fair had managed to take over her daughter’s best friends brother’s life as well as her own family’s.

“Theodore has the perfect body and personality, don’t you agree?” Zina asks with a grin draping her arm around Theo’s - who was actually taller than her waist.

“Yea Quinn, I have the perfect body and personality.” He shot back sarcastically, causing me to laugh. Sierra rolls her eyes and went to sit down and watch the fashion show. I follow behind her and take a seat next to her.

“Mother is going to spend all her attention on Theo.” She grumps, crossing her arms and leaning back in the velvet red chair. I do the same but without arm crossing.

“Oh - maybe she’s just really into her work?” I suggest, trying to lighten the mood.

“Whatever - her work is not going to involve my boyfriend.” Sierra stood up and I watch her storm up to Zina measuring Theo in all corners. She yanks his arm out the door and yanks off his exotic hat in the process.

That pretty much is going, to sum up, my day.


   At school the next day, I remember that I am supposed to be helping a boy named Alex Reef with a bake sale today. Alex also happened to be my brothers best friend and partially my best friend too. As I trudge through the semi-crowded hallways, I finally see Sierra and Alex standing at a cute DIY bake sale stand.

“What took you so long? We’re about to open!” Sierra yelps, running up to me and yanking me behind the sale.

“My mom baked these fresh so they should sell like hotcakes - also, Theo and I can buy our new gaming system with the money!” Alex falsely shouts with a grin. He was the stupid one of the group.

“Uhm, no you imbecile. We’re using the money for charity. Class assignment, remember?” Sierra sasses, shaking her head and hanging up more signs.

“Alex, you didn’t really think the money was for you...did you?” I ask, giving him a concerned look. Alex rolls his eyes and snatches up a writing board.

“Uh, there’s this thing called, ‘extra money’ guys. I’m pretty sure we’ll have some if we’re selling my mom’s stuff.”

   Suddenly, a girl about 5’3 in height, and had long silky black hair walks up and starts to browse the stand. Alex nudges me with his dry elbow and I smile. Sierra plops herself onto the stool right next to me and continues to scribble down things on the clipboard.

“How much are the chocolate muffins?” She asks, looking up at me through her glasses. The girl was also wearing overalls and has olive skin.

“Those would be five dollars,” Alex says, holding out his hand. Five dollars? What was Alex thinking, the muffins from Walmart are rare or something?

“I’m sorry, he means a dollar seventy-five.” I correct Alex. Alex scrunches his forehead so hard I could see multiple different faces forming in his forehead creases.

“Thank you.” She says, dropping the change in my hand. I give it to Alex and he rolls his eyes as he drops it in the register.

“What’s your name?” I ask her, knowing she might come up with an answer.

“I’m Della.” She shakes my hand with her non-occupied hand, while she takes a bite out of the chocolate muffin. She starts to smack her lips and look down at the muffin with confusion.

“I’m Quinn.” I pause and gesture my hands towards Sierra and Alex, “ And this is Sierra and Alex.”

   Sierra doesn’t even look up from the clipboard. Alex nods his blonde-head at her as he closes the register. I haven’t seen Della around school before, but she looks really familiar.

“These aren’t - did you get these from Walmart?” Della asks, showing us the muffin once again. Sierra and I both exchange sour looks, then evert our eyes to Alex.

“I don’t know Alex, did you?” Sierra asks him. Alex looks up and nods, “I don’t see what the big problem is. They’re just muffins.”

“Muffin’s that you tried to sell me for five dollars?”

“Muffins that my ma’ made!”

“Muffins that actually suck?” Sierra adds, standing and resting her hands on her hips.

“No, muffins that are good!” He protests, causing Sierra to stick her sharp nose in the air.

“Or do you mean muffins that- “ Someone cut me off as I was about to say, “Muffins that aren’t gluten free??”

“Or muffins that suck in general because you guys are too busy to work as a team and sell them to people.”

   We all evert our eyes to a boy with curly short black hair, light skin, freckles, sunglasses, and a cane. I know who this kid is, it’s Joseph Caddy. The local blind kid at our school... He was wearing a blue t-shirt, brown skinny jeans, and fresh white vans. No one ever talked to him except maybe the popular boys.

“Excuse me?” Sierra sasses, walking closer to him. Joseph just stood up straight and felt for something on the stand. Eventually, his hand reaches a pie that was baked by Alex’s mom. He grabs it and pulled it to his chest with an evil grin.

“Thanks.” He says as he starts to walk away without paying.

“Hey! Where are you going? You have to pay for that!” I shout as he continues to walk.

Seconds later, he just keeps walking and eventually becomes out of sight.

“Wow, what an ass-hole,” Della says, looking back at us.

“He just stole my pie!” Alex exclaims, crossing his arms.

“Matter of fact, he’s not only a stealer, he’s a blind stealer,” Sierra states as she walks over and dips her finger into a warm whipped pie and sucks the substances from her finger.

“Well, what are we going to do?” I ask, scratching the insides of my arms because that's what I do when I’m nervous.

“Oh, you know I’m vengeful Quinny,” Sierra smirks and shoves past Alex and I as she sashays down the hallway. There she goes again, with her dramatic exit.

“Well, there goes Sierra,” Alex says as he shoves a muffin in his mouth. Della scoffs,

“Okay, I’m just going to exile myself from this friend group before I get over dramatic as well…” Della scurries away with a chocolate muffin - the Walmart muffin to be exact.

“Should I leave too?” Alex asks. I look at him, then at the line ahead. All this argument has really drawn a crowd.

“There’s still a line doofus.”

“Well, you can always take care of it!” He says, taking off his pastel pink apron. I start to walk away before he could.

“Or you can. After all, it’s not my mom's ‘homemade’ desserts.” I say sarcastically. Alex stands there dumbfounded and I manage to escape. Sometimes I feel bad for the kid, but at the same time, it’s Alex. We shouldn’t feel bad for Alex.

    Just as I was escaping the madness, I turn the corner and see Dale. The best boyfriend the world could ever ask for. He has his arm up against the vending machine and is punching in a code for a snack. It’s obvious he hasn’t noticed me yet.

“Hey, babe.” I greet as I slide in under him. He smirks down at me.

“Quinn, Hey - want anything?” He asks, collecting his snack that just hit the bottom tray.

“I’m good,” I reply.

“So, any luck in the bake sale?” He grasps my hand and opens the treat - which appeared to be a tiny bag of funions - with his mouth. We continue walking down the hallway.

“No actually. It was a disaster because of Alex - “

“Oh, I see where it went wrong then.”

    We look into each other’s eyes and laugh. Alex was one of the popular boys at my school. He was just the… how do I put it? Dumb one. Alex’s family is really rich. Less wealthy than Sierra’s, but still doing better than my family. So obviously, he could get tickets to whatever he wants. Alex loves lacrosse, but football was something else. He had this crazy obsession with the Dallas cowboys - why? Don’t ask. Anyway, he actually got front row seats and brought a spoon to the Superbowl. Just like that yo mamma joke.

“Listen, I gotta tell you something, Quinn.” Dale says, looking down at me, “ I’ve been thinking and -”

    He is cut off by a long white stick poking out of the corner. It was a guidance stick for blind kids. Joseph turns the corner with a cocky smirk on his face.

“Did I interrupt something?” He asks, obviously knowing the answer. I look up at dale and notice he opens his mouth to say something but it can’t quite come out.

“No. You didn't.” I say. I lied to him because I don’t really want to know the news from Dale. It could be bad and that’s the last thing that I need.

“Shame,” Joseph says, flashing us his teeth this time. Joseph has pearly whites too. If he can’t see, then why are his teeth so white?

“Why shame?” Dale asks, crossing his arms now. Dale usually had to look down at everyone. He is looking down at Joseph, but Joseph is still taller than me.

“Because I like to ruin things.”

    I wince at his response. Who does he think he is? The king of the world? I growl a bit and Dale pulls me back from almost hurting this blind guy.

“Who the hell do you think you are?” I ask, amplifying my voice.

“I’m Joseph.”

“Obviously,” I continue with a question, “Why are you such an ass?”

“Last time I checked, I wasn’t identified as a donkey…”

“Stop being a smartass!” Dale exclaims. He peers over at Joseph and Joseph does nothing - not even wince.

“I think I’ll keep doing me bud.”

    Joseph manages around us, poking his guiding stick around. He just walks away like nothing happened. Dale and I look at each other, then back at him. What was it with that kid? As soon as his somewhat lean and tall body turns the corner, I turn back to Dale.

“So, what was it you were going to tell me?”



A/N: HEYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY How you doin? Tell me what you think! I plan on being active with this BTW! Does Joseph get on your nerves as much as he does to me?


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