A developed description of Pip's first experience of Satis House, inspired by Charles Dickens' novel; Great Expectations.


1. Satis House

The journey to the house known as ''Satis'' was a long, and tedious one; Mr. Pumblchook reciting to me for the two-hundredth time my 7 times tables, and the wind colder than ever, even the birds had gone back to their nests to live through the rest of the day. The wind was definitely colder there, than it was back at the forge, but I dismissed it to the autumnal breeze that ruffled our hair as we drove. No longer than 15 minutes later had we reached the house. The joyous, happy images of this new play-date soon left my mind as we stood at the gate, clinging onto the cold, metal bars that towered over us, not daring to do so much as breathe, in fear that the house, that looked like it could crumble with the whisper of a child, would do so. Splotches of original paint hinted at the house's former prosperity, but cobwebs covered the corners of the doors, and tiny black spiders threaded their way towards their prey. Seemingly the house was fit for only the kings and queens of the supernatural, as the light cast a eerie shadow onto the gates we so desperately held onto. We stood there for what seemed like hours, the decrepit abode standing threateningly above us, as if it were to swallow us up if we said a word. The ruins of what looked like it could've once been a brewery stood idly and alone to the side, as if it were holding secrets of a life time.



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