A developed description of Pip's first experience of Satis House, inspired by Charles Dickens' novel; Great Expectations.


3. Miss Havisham

“Who's there?” A voice said from within the dark. (Had I not seen the girl walk down the hallway already I would've bet a whole pound it was her) 

“Erm, Pip,” I stammered “Mr.Pumblechook”s boy, ma'am. Come- to play”

“Come nearer; let me look at you. Come close”

A silence followed as I walked across the room to the woman. Her back was still turned to me and the subdued lights suggested that she was sat down in an armchair. As I neared, I noticed the strange manner in which she was dressed; laces and satins; what looked like a once white wedding dress, hung off of her skeletal shoulders, and it too had a musty smell about it. Flowers had long wilted in the bouquet she held, and those in her hair had wilted with her. 

All the clocks in the room had arrested their movement at ten-to-nine, and even the small wrist-watch she wore had been stopped too. The dressing table at which she sat had too, (much like the rest of the house) been overrun by years of spiders spinning their homes over the mirrors, then the books and the flowers, then the shoe. Over the prayer book, the candelabras the dress itself was overrun by age, wither,wear and cobwebs.

“You're not scared of a woman who hasn't seen the sun since you were born?

“No ma'am” 

In actual fact, her sunken eyes, and her protruding cheeks turned my spine to ice, and her strange appearance seemed almost contrived. Her thin, wispy white hair seemed straw-like, and if I dare say, the best way to describe her was fossilised. Her sad, worn eyes had no glow left in them, and her hands, much like the previous girl's, but older. The veins and the knuckled jutted out of her delicate otherwise hands. 


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