When ever you see me i'll be ready

A girl by the name of Christine has alway trying to be good but sometimes life doesn't work out that way.


1. Chrissy are you good or bad?

The question are you  Good or Bad has always so i shut it up by saying" I'm good!" But then it mocks me. "Chrissy you let the witch and it beg you too now more than ten thousand people are dead!" " squeeze My eyes shut."The Point is Chrissy you belong on the villians side. The one ate Little Red, The one who gave Snow white the poison apple, Your the one who was so soft you let the Evil Queen out her mirror. Look what good that did?" Oh but the book doesn't include your the won who killed Ella's mom or made up the name Cinderella ?" It whispered."But the Villains don't get happy endings, they don't get true love. I protested."True love is stupid!" The voice bellowed."Chrissy ? Chrissy Wake up!" A voice crept into my mind and i was shaken awake in Prince Troy's arms. He had tried to befriend me over the week and tried to pull some good out of me ,but i have tried to pull  harder it didn't work. He says"That's because you stopped trying." Anyway. Sweat dripped down my face."You were screaming, I thought someone was trying to murder you!" he joked."No, Troy go away i'm fine."   I reassured him. He looked down at his feet."I was going to ask you if you wanted to go to the dance with me?" He asked.I blinked." Evil afters  aren't allowed at dances besides i don't know how to dance." I said, "Wait speaking of which Why am i'm I with you? I'm I in the School for Good?" I asked horrified. He blushed "I got mom to give you another try. " 

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