I'm So Sorry

I'm heartbroken and so sorry! :(


1. Apology


Normally its all about the people who have wronged me. Betrayed me and hurt me in ways that leave permanent scars all over my heart. But if there is one thing everyone knows about me is that I am a very honest person, and can recognize my mistakes and I feel a great deal of guilt when I do. Although I did not hurt you directly, I just want to say that I am truthfully sorry for leaving mosque when you wanted me to stay. I was just so desperate to get out of there and show my family how they were wrong about my best friend, Haris, that I did not see how much you really wanted me to stay. There were things you wanted to speak to me about, things you wanted to do with me because we shared the strongest bond with the class, but I let the urge of my own interests become the dominant strength in my heart. Dont get me wrong, Haris is a great friend, but I love you just as much. I could tell you anything with confidence that you wont judge me, you were always there to make me smile when I just wanted to sob and even though you could not fix my problems, you made sure I did not face them alone. You told me it was okay that I left and that you're doing fine but you miss me and I miss you so much too! I was just blinded by getting back a friendship that I couldn't see how much you love me because I was too focused on my own motives and couldn't see how much we needed each other. I see it all now though. You are like my little brother who I'll carry on loving till my last breath and I promise we will see each other again in the future. It was all an accident. I'm so sorry.

Love You xxx


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