Are monsters real?

Short stories about horrifying stories. Every chapter is a new story and all of them will be horror related. Some might you heard before and some completely new.
Warning if you are easily affected by horror movies don't read it. It will have an effect for some.


4. The Plague

Blood flooded from my body. Aching and screaming in pain. My body tried to hold on but it couldn’t hold for long. It let go of my spirit. I died. I died on my way to the hospital. My mother and father were dead before the ambulance came. It felt like plague. A plague that took moments away my family was gone and I saw them dying. I couldn’t cry. I was torn apart too see but my thoughts and body began to panic. I died in a cold hospital bed. Alone. I was 17. I was a lonely child. I had one good friend that would talk to me in school and sometimes hang out with me. I had a dog that I despised. The reasons why I hated that dog was that it bid me. My babysitter didn’t do anything about it not even calling my mother. Had scars for end of my days.


A ringing tone came from the kitchen. The noise woke me up. I went downstairs in my pajamas. I answered the ringing phone from the kitchen table. It was my grandpa. He wanted up to go visit. I wrote it on a note and soon after I hang up. My father came down. I said what just had happened. We waited to say anything until we all were eating breakfast. My mother wanted to go but my father hesitated. My father and my grandpa never get along. They kept discussing everything and one time my dad had enough and ended up leaving and came back five years later. I did understand why. My grandpa had his opinions and he would never listen. He would tell you hundreds of things why you were wrong.


They ended up deciding to go. It took me by surprise. I did my makeup and got dressed. I had casual clothes on just to make a statement and I was too lazy to do anything else. My mother took forever to get ready. I was on my computer. Surfing on the internet. I suddenly got a message from a stranger. He wrote how beautifully I was etc. I ignored him. I had broken up with my boyfriend after two years together. He began to be violent. We were at his house and I wanted to kiss him. He pushed me away. I left. He got angry. He ended up at my house around 1 am. The next day he hit me. Multiple times in the face until I was on the ground begging for my life. I was found by his sister. She called the police. The plague was moving fast. I had passed out from all the blood I had lost. He was my Romeo even though he wanted me dead. I guess, that was I wanted to since I kissed him afterwards. Stupid of me. I didn’t text the guy back. I knew I would hate myself for it- and I was still scared of what could come out of it.


My reflection in the looking glass that were shattered made me look bigger. I was skinny- or normal but in the thinner side of the range. I didn’t like how I looked. Scars were the center of my stomach. The first thing you would see. Self-harm. Abuse. Family member can be mad. I never had a “normal” family or life. When my mother decided she looked good enough, we were on the road. My mother got dressed up every time she would leave the house. My father for that matter would do nothing and look grumpy. It was first when I was 16 I found out my mom had an affair with the neighbor. My dad stuck with it. My clothes were attached to my body. I fit me perfectly. My mother was jealous of it. I got it from my father side of the family.


Driving in a snow storm. The deal was to get to grandpa and get home as fast as we could. We got slowed down by the storm. I looked out the window. I had taken my headphones in but I could hear my mother and father arguing. I took one look at my father. He was angry. He was done. He took one last breath and drove into a car. You hear that you would see your life passing by when your dying. I wished it was true. The plague was in our brains. In the anger of love. Of pain. The deal with the devil was rotten and everybody knows. Everybody knows our dollhouse of disgrace. It was nothing special just another piece of hell.  


Kissing my lips made me weak. Kissing you back made me stronger. The plague from the love you gave affected my family too much. I cut the plague of me from the stomach. Blood stains would still be seen on the floor when the cops were investigating my father behavior. The neighbor will come over and tell what everybody knows. That’s how the plague will function.                 

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