Are monsters real?

Short stories about horrifying stories. Every chapter is a new story and all of them will be horror related. Some might you heard before and some completely new.
Warning if you are easily affected by horror movies don't read it. It will have an effect for some.


3. Strange love

A migraine was killing my head. I had taken some pills to make it better. It didn’t work completely. It was around 3 am where I woke up. I had slept 2 hours. I had suicidal dreams and I wanted to make them come true. I had isolated myself from the world. I only left home when I should go to work. I spoke with some girls that normal people would call my friends where I call not important to me humans. I never felt like myself when I was around them. I worked in an office where the boss flirted with everyone. Even the guys. I had no problem with it because he liked me not in that way but he respected me- maybe because he could feel I wasn’t okay. He always tried to invite me to a party or something with people from the office. I always refused. The reason why I still don’t know. It just felt impossible to do.


Life was a strange thing back then. My boss told me one day that he believed I wasn’t okay. I said I was, but he got a therapist.



“Tell me how you feeling”

“You don’t sound like that you want me to”

“Just do it, if you ever want to go home”    

“Sure, let me see”


Strange. How strange how your brain can make you forget something so important like that conversation. That conversation is the reason why I am here today. I can’t recall so much after that. All I know it was strange. That is all I know these days. Strange things.


In the morning when everything was beautiful. I would see the sun and smell the sunflowers. In every morning I hear the rain and feel the pain inside. Today I know something is wrong and twisted about me. Before I got to a hospital- where I am today- I did something that reminds me of happiness. Something from my childhood. A sunflower. I bought the sunflower and went to a depressing place, a cemetery. I liked to put to opposite together. There were trees that covered most of the back of the cemetery. I went there to my usual spot but there was a man sitting on the bench. I expected to walk by him and find another spot, he had already seen me staring at him sitting there. He moved and said I should join him. I sat down next to him. He looked dark and beautiful. I was attracted to him.


“Once the flower had bloomed it can never come back,” he said to me. Most of the time I would just ignore but I felt I wanted to answer him. I smiled and said “If flowers even real or am I hallucinating that this world can have beauty” He smiled and put his hand to me and we squeezed hands. His name was Michael. We ended up talking for hours. Talking about darkness. Death. Pain. Poetry. He followed me home. The next day we met again. Close to the museum he worked at. He followed me around and told me stories. He made laugh. He was a stranger that became my friend. After a week I invited him into my apartment. I saw how he looked around while I was getting the wine.


“There is never art if there wasn’t madness,” he said. I looked at him and said with sarcasm “You haven’t seen the worst yet” He looked in my arms. First time I hadn’t had any long sleeves on my arms. He held my arm. I took it back and walked into my kitchen. He went over to me and took his hands around my neck. For a second it felt he would strangle me. He removed my hair and kissed my neck. “I believe in darkness and beauty is the same thing” We ended up kissing more that night.


The day after he should move away from me. He had made me whole. I saw him again when he had red eyes and peculiar powers. Trying to kill me. The day I should have died.


I was found by three men in an alley. Bloody. I remembered his eyes as blue-red as a bruise. Pupils huge. Veins strangely visible. Teeth in my neck. I still had the scars. Teeth marks. I covered it with my hair. I had no pain, just lust for everything. Strangely that sounds.  

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