Are monsters real?

Short stories about horrifying stories. Every chapter is a new story and all of them will be horror related. Some might you heard before and some completely new.
Warning if you are easily affected by horror movies don't read it. It will have an effect for some.


2. Sickness

Today I put on the new record that I just had bought. I collect records and instruments. I had over 20 records when I turned 20 and 14 different instruments. Of course, it helps when I got a job that would pay me full time. I worked most of my time a coffee shop until I applied for a job in a record store and now I work in instrument store in New York. Before I moved to New York I lived in a smaller town. One time when I was around 17 in high school me and my friend were hanging around outside a music store with old and new records and CDs. My brother worked there and I could get 10% off on lots of things. But my friend, Lily, she wanted to go to McDonald's and get something to eat. It was only a few minutes away from where we were. We were over and ordered some food when I catch my eye on a new guy that worked there. Since it was a small town had everyone seen everyone. Maybe not talked but we had all seen each other. I had never seen him. I didn’t think more of it. We got what we ordered. When we both were done eating we went home. It was around 7 pm when I got a message from Lily. She told me to go on my computer so I did. I checked Facebook for memes. A little bit after I ended up on YouTube. I forgot all about why I should go on my computer. It became 9 pm and went down to hang with my family.



It was the day after. It was a beautiful Sunday. I was playing on my guitar when my phone began to ring. It was Lily’s mother. I took the phone. Apparently, she wasn’t home and she would be sure if she was with me. Her mother wouldn’t mind if she was at my house she would like to know. I told her that she wasn’t. She sounded worried. After hanging up I tried to call Lily. I got no respond. I assumed she got angry at her father or something. I went downstairs to get breakfast. Since it was a Sunday I should make dinner. I looked for what we had in the fridge. Nothing was there so I went to Target. I took my mother’s car. When I got parked and got into Target I went to the meat section. I found some chicken. When I was about to go to the line I saw the guy that worked at McDonalds. He looked at some cleaning stuff. We got eye contact when I passed by. I smiled to him and he smiled back. When I got to the car I saw him again. He was about my age and he were little far away from. When I got into my car I saw he was gone. I didn’t think about until when I headed the road. It looked like he followed me. I tried to drive faster. When I got home and parked the car I looked around to see if he still was after me. He was on the other side of the street. I looked at him. He was looking up at my brother’s window. I got too scared to look up to see what he was looking at. He began to shout at me. He shouted that I might be in danger. I heard the door behind me opened up. It was my brother. He began to shout back at him that he needed to leave us alone. It felt like they had seen each other before. I took the groceries and went inside.


We didn’t talk about my brother and I until after dinner. I was in my room and he came in. I felt a weird feeling around him. He was stressed the whole time after I got home. I asked him if he was alright. He said I shall never talk to him. I said I don’t know who he was. My door was open and I saw my mother walk by. My brother was sitting at my bed next to me. My mother asked what we talked about. My brother said nothing and I just said that we talked about school. Then she asked if there something wrong. I could see that she had felt something wrong with brother. I said no “Just a math test coming soon” I could see that she got less worried. She left my room and went downstairs. I looked at my brother. He was serious. He wanted to say something or do something. He leaned over to me and I opened my eyes wide open and leaned back. He kissed my chin and left. I got scared of him. I couldn’t sleep that night. I was full with anxiety. When it was about 1 am heard my brother talking loudly. His room was next to mine. I couldn’t hear what he was saying. Soon after it stopped and heard a bang. I was crumbled into my corner in my bed. I heard he walked in outside my door. I had the lights on. He saw that I was awake. I heard he stopped right front of my door. He opened my door. I was scared. He had blood on his face. I froze completely. He went over to me and hold me down. I tried to do something. His hands were places were places that made me scream. I heard my father running towards my room. He took brother to the ground. My mother ran over to me and hold me tried to calm me down.


Monday morning was my brother arrested. The police found Lily under his bed. Dead. He had killed her with his bare hands. He had pictures of her. The police had found pages from the dark web. There was a camera inside Lily’s room where he had seen both me and her getting dressed and etc.


He only was in prison for five days. I saw him again once after. The same day he got out he killed himself in front of his best friend. None of us were the same again. But the thing is that he was sick. And the sickness runs in my family.   

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