Are monsters real?

Short stories about horrifying stories. Every chapter is a new story and all of them will be horror related. Some might you heard before and some completely new.
Warning if you are easily affected by horror movies don't read it. It will have an effect for some.


6. Secrets and lies -part 1

When I saw him my stomach twisted and burned. There was a dragon inside my stomach with the fire from its mouth made me remember the lies and secrets I had discovered. He had hidden them in his dark soul and like his soul his secrets were as dark. My first thought when I saw him was mysterious. I started in this school where he had always been to. It was a small town. A town that wanted to be big but would never happen. I recovered from an injury. My parents were killed in a car accident. I was an only child and an experiment. The government had me in the corner of their eyes. They got an agent to be my new dad. His name was James. I was 17-year-old, and I was 15 when my parents died. I was under lot of stress and there were lots of damage in my body from my injury. I was drugged in two years. When I came out from the government hospital I was forced to move to the small town. My world had fallen apart. We got a house. It was bigger than I was used to. We moved all our stuff in the house before dinner. My room was decent. It was full with books and a large bed that I got as a gift. 


The next day was the first day of school. I was scared of getting panic attacks. I will glow up with white light if my heat begins to beat fast. The experiment had changed my body. I got skinnier but I was a freak. Nonhuman. A monster some might say. But I looked normal when I didn’t panic or in daylight. At night I would shine and even transform to a monster. Almost like werewolf but bigger and no hair. The agent James drove me to school. Everything was normal. People were staring because I was new. New blood. In the last couple of hours of school had me shaken in the girl bathroom. Something was wrong. Someone was not as they seemed. I had the ability to feel others being different as me. This one is a rival. Someone who wanted me dead. I ran outside to get some air and to get away from the rival. When I came out to the other side it was there I met him. I ran into him and we both fell over. He wore casual black clothes but he was more fashionable than usual people. He was another guy. A guy with longer hair but poorer than him. It looked like they had secrets that they discussed. The poor guy helped me up. He was nice to me. His name was Mitch and the richer guy’s name was Richard. They asked me if I was in hurry. I simply said that I needed air. Richard was tall I believe he was 6.2 and it suited him well. His friend Mitch were around 5.9. I said to them that I had to go. I went away from the school. I had no idea where I wanted to go. I decided to go around the town and hoping James wouldn’t notice I skipped the class of school. 


When I got home, James had made snacks. I know why he did it. I should make more test. That means I should not be hungry at all otherwise I could die. I wonder now and then what they had put in me that not everyone can take. 


“Kiddo, there’s a reason why we moved to this town. There is something here you need to fight against” James said suddenly. I looked at him while I had grapes in my mouth. I told him what I had felt in school. He nodded and said it was time to go to the basement. I wasn’t ready but without realization, he was behind me and putting a needle inside my neck so I would pass out. 

When I woke up again I was in my bedroom. I felt dizzy and could barely move my body. I looked at my arms and there were bruises and scars. It had happened before. The last time it had happened was violence and rape. I got the last agent fired of it. I knew it was the same thing happening again so I took my things and trying to sneak out. When I could feel my body again, I jumped out of my window. It was around 8 and it was slowly turning dark. I began to run so far away as I could. I could feel the tears from my eyes falling down on my cheeks. It was there I realized what just had happened.


I was on a soccer field and further away was a forest. There was someone there. It sounded intense. Almost someone was afraid. I ran over there and saw James and Richard and a large wolf. Its position was ready to jump at them. I tried to distract it by yelling at it. They looked at me both the guys and the wolf. The wolfs mouth was covered in blood. I took my chance and ran away. It followed me. I hid behind a tree. There was no turning back. I wanted to see how my monster inside me could save myself and them as I should no matter what. When the wolf was near me I could see it wasn’t an ordinary wolf. It was bigger and stronger. When it saw me began it to run towards me. I began to glow up and used all my energy and power to glow. I did. The wolf got burned and ran away. Mitch and Richard came running towards me after the wolf were gone. They got lots of questions. I couldn’t hear a word they say. Richard touched my arm to see in my eyes. Our eyes met and the energy from it made me pass out. 

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