Are monsters real?

Short stories about horrifying stories. Every chapter is a new story and all of them will be horror related. Some might you heard before and some completely new.
Warning if you are easily affected by horror movies don't read it. It will have an effect for some.


1. My experience

I woke up from my alarm on my phone. I was tired but I knew I should wake up. I looked at my phone to see the clock was 5:32. I began to do my regular morning routine. Nothing was unusual. When the clock was 6:30 I looked outside my apartment window that goes out where I had parked my car. I saw my neighbor going to her car, so I thought it was best for me to go out too just in time for me not to talk to her. I went over to take my shoes and jacket on and took all the light off. There was enough sunlight to see what was in my apartment. I took my keys and locked my door. I had three locks on my door because of an incident I once experienced. I went down the stairs and out to my car. I saw that my neighbor’s car still was there and no sign of her. I assumed that she had forgotten something. I went to work without thinking about her.


I worked in an office. I had worked there for over a year and I worked with my best friend that lived close to me. About lunchtime, I heard my phone ring. I took my phone and saw a number unfamiliar number. I took the phone asked who it was. I heard footsteps and a door open. A second later I heard familiar voices. It was from people in the office. I was away from my desk for lunch. I was about to hang up the phone when I heard a person say “You are not here” and heard gunshots. I got nervous. I told my friend the phone call and she said we should go back to see if it was real gunshots. We went over to the company. There were hundreds of police cars. My friend began to ask questions of a policeman and he said there was a woman with a gun shooting at people. I went over to the policeman and said that I had a phone call from a person that might be a gun shooter. He began to drag me over to a police car and three policemen drove me to the station.


I got to a room where there was a microphone. They wanted to record everything so they wouldn’t miss a thing. I said what I knew. After an hour later, they said they would drove me back to the company to get my car. The company was shut down for a day before they allowed to open again. I got dropped off from the police car and got to my own car. I began to ring my best friend and asked if I could stay with her that night. I could and I was already on the road to her. I was ten minutes away when I got a text message from a strange number. I read it first when I was over with my friend apartment. It said “See you at home.” I got shocked. I lived alone and have no one that would text me that. When I got over to her I began to panic a little. I asked her what I should do. Since I had panicked and not realizing my surroundings I had noticed that she wasn’t herself. Almost she wasn’t her. She looked at me with strange look in her eyes. She smiled and began to laugh. I got scared and wondered what had happened and what was going on. She stood in the hallway in her little apartment with a knife in her hand. I expected her to stab me but instead she cut her wrists. I called an ambulance. Five minutes after they were there. I wanted to go to the hospital with her but then they told me to go home. I didn’t understand why I couldn’t but I was shocked.


When I was about to put my key in the last lock I remembered the text that I had gotten. I began to lock the locks again, and ran downstairs away from my apartment. I ran over to a local café that were few minutes away from where I lived. I was well known in that place because when I moved to my apartment I went there every day. I just went over to take a seat. I had got three texts from an unknown number. It was three pictures of me. One was when I tried to lock my door up, inside my apartment. The second one was when I was going to my car. The third one was when I talked to the policeman with my friend. I got another picture in that second. It was my friend. She had a needle in her arm. But with that photo it looked like an old one, before she and I had met. I wondered what was going on.  I tried to call someone that I hadn’t talked to for years. No one took the phone.


The café was about close and I tried to be brave and get home. I called the police and said about the pictures and I was scared. They said they would get over to me and I was should wait for them before getting up. I was waiting outside for a long time until I realized no one would come. I said fuck it and went up and open the door to my apartment. There was a smell of cigarettes. I looked all over my apartment for someone. No one was there. The only thing that wasn’t right was all the stuff in my kitchen was a different place. Even though I was scared, and tried to get some sleep.


I later woke up three days later in a hospital bed with a phone next to me that wasn’t mine.  

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