Are monsters real?

Short stories about horrifying stories. Every chapter is a new story and all of them will be horror related. Some might you heard before and some completely new.
Warning if you are easily affected by horror movies don't read it. It will have an effect for some.


5. Long lost part I

I did put those records on. I did that last night. You kissed me on the neck. I figured you would and you would do it again. The gun in my backpack had me shaking on the floor. The gun needed friends so I bought more. The night was rough and painful. The sky turned blue in the morning. The morning was ready. After my mind hadn’t slept for days it began to twist around. The time wasn’t slow. A day felt like a minute. Everything was fast. Before I knew it, I had put the gun to my teacher’s head. I had killed 15 kids and hurt a lot more. My friend and I was bullied and got put through hell. Literally. I lost my friends. I turned into a loser. A nobody. I was suicidal. I wrote in my diary that everything would end soon. I love a girl that don’t know my name. I would walk pass by her in the hallway in school. She was so beautiful. It hurts. 


My buddy, his parents had guns in the house, so did mine. We were lucky on that path. We would walk over to him and had our other friend with us. He was cool enough. The only friend that stuck with me. Anyways, we would after school head over to my buddy and shoot with guns. Our friend was filming us. We should make a school project about the mafia. That was fun. When the next day came I saw the papers all over the school. Prom. Who should I invite? I had no money for clothes or for the tickets. When I came home again I went to my mom. She said she would pay for it. I didn’t really wanna go, you know. I felt I had to. Some days later I asked this girl out I had feelings for. We went to prom together. The night I came home around 4 am I got greeted by my mom at the end of the stairs. I told her that was the best day of my life. The thing I hadn’t told her was that I wasn’t picked on and my prom date kissed me and everything was perfect.    


This night was haunting. I couldn’t sleep. My body was bruised. I was picked on in school. My buddy Eric was also beaten up. We got angry. I wanted to be someone and so would he. We would do something about it. Went I came home from that school day my mom or dad wasn’t home or cared at all. Eric came up with this idea. The thing that would make us famous and be known for years. None of our parents saw us stealing from them. So much care for them. 

I kissed my prom date that night and I also kissed her the last night. My goodbye. 


We were shooting in the cafeteria. Everyone was screaming. Blood stains on the floor. I was on top of the world. Police came. We wouldn’t get in jail. We went somewhere that everyone wanted us to go. Hell. W killed us self soon after we had shot. Thanks for listening to this shitty story of my last nights of madness. 


- Dylan Klebold


P.S I was depressed and wanted to be someone that people knew. I wanted someone to love me. I was on the edge of killing myself until my friend Eric helped me. His story is different. I know it sounds a lot like I had everything but this wasn’t my deep dark story but only a façade.  

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