The Hunting Book One

New York, 1971.

On his first day on the job, New York Homicide Detective Norman Poll, twenty-eight, investigates a series of crimes by 'The Hunter', a murderer who selects his victims each night. When Poll struggles to catch him, his personal life takes its eventual toll on him in the process.


2. The Hunting-March 2, 1971


Homicide Detective Norman Poll and his partner Homicide Detective Robert Archer stared at the heavy rain outside the Restaurant. "We have to find 'The Hunter'", Poll stated. He took out his credit card, and paid the bill. Once he did that, they headed out of the front door. Then they opened the door of their police car, and drove towards Police Station.


New York Police Chief Fred Jenkins stared at the officers.

"There's been several murders over the last decade, Norman. Robert. A lot of people are on edge".

"Why hasn't he been caught?", Homicide Detective Norman Poll asked him. 

"It's a frustration. But we have a lot of time to catch him", Police Chief Jenkins answered.

"Can he be caught, Chief?", Homicide Detective Archer said. He waited for a reaction. 

"Yes", he said.

And he nodded, and they knew one thing was certain.

That time was short.

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