Fight or flight

Its a story of spies and assassins spies on a mission to stop an organization and the assassins to kill them before they do. The assassins are a disguised as spies but when one starts to develop feelings for a spy things get a bit messy and a bit complicated.


1. Kandell Part 1

My alarm rings in my ear, the sound of pure torture. I hit the alarm and roll out of my bed. Unlike normal 18-year-olds I am not going to school I go to work. I put on a pair of black shorts, a black shirt, and an army jacket. I slip into my combat boots and tie my brown wavy hair into a high ponytail.

I don't wear makeup; it won't do me any good in my field. I am not there to look pretty or cute; I am not there to impress people. I am only there for one reason, to make sure that what happened to my dad does not happen to anyone else.

I throw a pair of exercise shorts and a t-shirt into my bag as well as a pair of tennis shoes. I pick up the bag and walk down the stairs to be met at the end of the staircase by my mom who looks like a mess, as usual. “ Hey, sweetie why don't you just stay home today? Please sit with me and watch tv. You know, a safe activity.” “Mom you know why I can't do that.” “Please just stay!” Mom cries.

“No mom I can't just skip a day of work that is not what a spy does I need to be where I need to help.” I push my way past her and into the driveway where I am picked up in a black van because we are not allowed to drive our own cars there so nobody finds us out. The road is windy and the building is the colour of the surroundings so it's harder to find. The driver announces that we are now arriving at the facility. The building is huge with rooms and areas for weapons, a gym, and classrooms it's like a spy college.

I walk in with a smile on my face because I have a good feeling about today it might be my chance to go on a real mission to help a massive amount people without actually have to go to school to be a doctor something. I have been waiting for a mission ever since I joined the spy industry and every time I have applied to be on a mission I have been beaten out by older more experienced spies. I am so sick of it ugh. I walk over to the gym and change clothes so I can build my strength. I go to the weight room and find a spot to lift my weights.

Every time I go in there it is basically all guys. They just look at me as I do squats with the dumbells. They stare at my ass and make gestures behind me but I don't care they can do what they want but one of these days they will wish and hope and pray for a mission and they will beat out by me the only one who actually exercises in the weight room. One of the guys approaches me thinking that he can get with me. “Hey Kendall you are not doing those squats right, here let me help you.”

He grabs my hips and I take one of his arms and twist it behind his back. He screams in pain. “I don't need your help thank you though.” I let go of his arm and he falls to the floor crying. “Wimp,” I say as I roll my eyes.

One of the guys yells bitch as I was walking out of the room. I stopped and turned around. He looked so scared, but he is deciding to stand his ground. “You walk around acting all tough and shit but I bet if you went out on a mission you would be scared and you would get your ass kicked, I would do it, but I respect women and their inferior strength but other guys out there don't,” he says. “Oh, inferior strength” I walk over to him and punch him in the jaw, one punch and he was knocked out cold.

“Oh yeah, I guess that was inferior strength.” I grab my stuff and storm out of the room while all the guys stay there with their mouths wide open. I change from my gym clothes into what I had come here in, and I go the office of mission assignments and frantically look through a stack of missions for something I am qualified for I find two. One of them is needing a young adult teenager to stop an underground drug ring that has gone from just regular drug dealing with murdering cops and their family members so that they will never be found out. Except we obviously found out somehow.

The other is just labelled secret but it says that they need two young adults who are willing to risk their lives for others no other information. I apply for both because I believe no matter how life-threatening something is I can make it out alive. “Wow, you're pretty brave.” I jump at the sound of the sudden voice. I turn around to see the only person I really like here Azalea.

Azalea is also 18 and is of medium height. She has long curly black hair and dark skin. She dresses like a stereotypical girl pink dress and wedges. She is super sweet but can kick someone's ass if they piss her off. “Yeah I am I like the danger the adrenaline,” I say with confidence.

She looks at me then looks at the paper. “Do you think I should sign up” she speaks with a conflicted tone in her shaky voice. “I think you should you are the most tolerable person I know and I think it would be perfect if we both got this mission.” She starts to slowly smile in excitement. She picked the paper up so fast that all I saw was a line of colour not even an arm.

We filled out the paper together and put it in the admissions bin. We leave the office and she excitedly skips next to me on the way to class. ‘Oh my gosh I am so excited what if we both get picked I wonder how long it will take them to decide what do we wear is it in the city or secluded I have so many questions.” Azalea says this all with no breath in between. “Calm down before you pass out from lack of oxygen.”

She takes a breath and she stops skipping, But she is still jittery. We get to our weapons class which teaches how to properly aim and how to use other other unconventional weapons. All the females except for us already took this class because they are all 19 and older we are the only 18-year-olds. So our class is just us and a bunch of guys. A lot of them feel like they already know this info they sit in the back get D's on every test, and look at memes the whole class period, and still get missions.


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