A girl named moon

It's about a girl struggling with a mental disorder while also trying to be a teen she has pretty low self-esteem which gets her into a bit of trouble later letting people walk all over her which kills her inside.


1. What a Day part 1

Blood spills from the cuts all over my arms. I lay down and watch as the blood hits the floor. Drip, drip, drip drip drip, drop they crash onto the floor taking my internal pain with it. I lift my head from the bed when I hear my door creak. I look over to see my mom in the doorway with her mouth wide open. “Moon Rose Fields” she yells with a tinge of anger in her voice. “I thought I had taken your blade away how did you get it back.

You are grounded and clean up this blood.” She leaves the room and I make one more cut on my arm and she wonders why I do this. Instead of helping me taking me to a hospital or talking to me she gets mad grounds me and slams the door. Wow, I feel really cared about. Drip, drip more blood falls to the floor and I just lay there and let it happen like an idiot, but its relief I don't want to bleed out but my life is not going to change. I just want to not exist for a bit, not forever. I look at the now pool of blood on my dark hardwood floors with clothing scattered all over my room. I have not been in the mood to clean, wash my hair, shower, or really do anything.

The tears begin to roll down my face as I wonder why she doesn't care about me. Am I not good enough am I not what she wanted? I hear a knock on the front door and hear a familiar voice. “Hello Mrs Fields is moon here we are supposed to study.” “Oh yes, Beau she is upstairs being overdramatic again” I hear my mom say. I can hear them walking up the stairs and I don't even bother cleaning the blood from the floor or my arm. I grow a shirt over the pool of blood on the floor and put on a jacket to cover up my arm.

The door swings open and Beau walks in with a face of concern. He closes the door and removes the shirt from over the blood and pulls up my sleeve. “I thought you were going to quite cutting Moon,” he says not making eye contact with me. “I cant it's like an addiction you know this.” “I know but you can beat an addiction people do it all the time.” “I know Beau but.” “But nothing Moon I don't like seeing you hurt yourself and I don't want to see you dead.” I don't respond to that, instead opting to stand up and get the blood off the floor and my arm.

Then after grabbing my book so that we can study. Beau and I have been friends since we were 8 we are now in our junior year of high school. Beau is tall with light brown hair and green eyes and is basically a vision of perfection. We flip through the pages silently for a bit until I attempt to break the ice. “So how is Victoria doing you to still ok.”

Victoria is Beau’s girlfriend she is tall with long brown hair and green eyes she is extremely girly which is completely opposite of me and Beau. “We are good we got in another argument because she is jealous of you again.” When will she realize that we are not together I feel like I will have to go over there and tell her myself.” Beau nods and I sigh because I really don't want to talk to Victoria. Last time I had to I got slapped and yelled at for trying to explain to her that I and Beau are just going to hang out at a park.

She was thinking park meant something else I don't know why. Victoria and I have never been friends she has always terrorized me, bullied me and what not but somehow she managed to get in good with my best friend. Beau is always telling me she is not bad and whatever but she is evil I swear. “Come on Moon talking to her won't be bad um, look she is having a party tonight come with me and we will talk to her together.” I nod and a huge smile creeps across Beau’s beautiful face.

“Great the party is in about two hours I came here already dressed for it but time to get you ready.” Beau zips to my closet and throws a pair of jeans a blue flannel shirt and a black undershirt with a beanie at me. I put the clothes on and put my long teal hair into a side ponytail and add the beanie. “Perfect now all we need to do is a little makeup.” “Makeup why Beau you know I hate it.”

“Come on please.” Next thing I knew I was sitting in a chair while Beau was applying eyeliner to my eyes. It was a simple makeup look black eyeliner, mascara, and dark red lipstick because I refuse to wear bright red. When my makeup is done Beau grabs me by the arm and drags me down the stairs and outside with my mom not caring at all that I am leaving. What a mom I think to myself.

I sit in the passenger's seat of the car and he sits in the driver's seat. “You ready to go,” he asked excitedly. “Ready as I will ever be”  reply with an irritated tone of voice. He starts the car and as I sit in the passenger's seat my heart starts to race due to me knowing that once I get there I will have to talk to people and dance, I don't want to do that, but I guess I can do it for Beau. We arrive at the party and beau gets out of the car and walks over to my door.

He puts his hand on the door handle to open it for me but is stopped by Victoria wearing her usually girly outfit a pink dress that is a little short for her hight and a pair of pink stilettos. “Hey babe,” Victoria says while pulling Beau closer “let's go inside I think she can open the door herself unless her flabby arms are too weak for that.” They walk away and beau looks back with an apologetic look. I opened the door of the car and instead of going inside I walk into the backyard where the people who are quieter and not drunk hang out. I take a seat in a chair by the pool it was dark and nobody was in that area which made it perfect for me.


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