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A girl who finds true love..


1. Diary Entry

Amelia Willow that is my name she whispered in the cold breezy night sky she was laying down on the grass watching the stars pass by in front of her eyes she was always excited about these things she loved reading stories she wanted something more in life than just what she had she wasn't a typical ordinary girl she had a big secret and she intended to take it to her grave she promised to herself as she started to remember all those horrible past moments she had she could never express herself to anyone else she only had one person that knew her secret and that was the night sky the beautiful stars that held magic in them she wanted to shine bright like them she wished someone would come down from the beautiful night sky and take her away in his beautiful time machine and they would both travel around the whole universe in time and space she hoped every time she spoke to the sky someone else was also listening some amazing incredible with magical gifts that could help her with her terrible secret she prayed she wished but nothing ever happened she was simply lost, afraid and wanted to live an adventurous life full of mystery's and beauty. 

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